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A Journey Through Autism, Pt. 8 (2006-07-14 - 11:48 a.m.)

This is actually kind of big. It may not sound much, but any of you who have had any experience with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) will understand.

Wednesday night, Stephanie and I were on our way back from church, where we had had our usual Bible Study group meetings. Stephanie met with the other youth, while I met with a group of men that are studying a book.

Anyway, we were on our way home, when suddenly, Steph started telling me what she learned that night. With a little bit of detail. She told me that they learned about being the "salt of the earth" and the "light of the world." Then she briefly explained what that meant.

I did not initiate any of this conversation!!!!! I cannot EVER remember Stephanie just blurting something like that out without us asking her, begging her, or pleading with her to tell us what she had learned. This was huge!

Ironically, it wasn't until last night (Thursday) that I realized what had happened. I was talking to Christi (my wife), when suddenly I realized what had happened on Wednesday evening. I immediately shared that with her. She was equally excited.

Just when we are once again wondering if these treatments (at $110/wk!) are doing any good at all, something like this just pops up with no warning.

She's getting better. I really believe that. We have to be patient and look for the little things and encourage those kinds of behaviors when they happen.

In baseball news, the Rangers ripped the Orioles a new one last night. They scored 14 runs in 4 innings to win 15-1. The bad news is that the beloved Red Sox lost yet another extra innings game to the A's! So the Rangers gained nothing and remain tied for first place with the A's. C'mon Red Sox!! Beat those Athletics!!

I feel confident that the Rangers can win their division. I'm not sure they can get much farther than that, though. As things stand right now, the wild card for the AL will be either the White Sox or the Tigers. The Red Sox are going to win the East, but the Rangers and A's would be in fourth place in either of the other AL divisions. Not encouraging.

We still have half a season left, though, so no celebrating yet. Anything could happen. As long as it doesn't involve the Evil Empire winning. (That's Yankees in case you don't understand that.)

Note to my friend Racecar...I'm hearing rumors that Manny might have to have knee surgery. Do you know anything about this? That could be very bad!

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