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1978 (May 17, 2008 - 11:08 a.m.)

149. Exodus: A Self-Study Guide--Irving L. Jensen--1/14/78--112 pp

150. The Illearth War--Stephen R. Donaldson--1/27/78--436 pp

151. The Power That Preserves--Stephen R. Donaldson--3/14/78--392 pp

152. Fantasy and Science Fiction--February--3/19/78--160 pp

153. Satan Is Alive and Well on Planet Earth--Hal Lindsey--3/30/78--233 pp

154. The Trip Beyond--Brian Ruud--4/6/78--211 pp

155. Fantasy and Science Fiction--March--5/14/78--160 pp

156. The Act of Marriage--Tim and Beverly LaHaye--6/5/78--241 pp

157. Fantasy and Science Fiction--April--6/11/78--160 pp

158. Spock Must Die--James Blish--6/17/78--118 pp

159. Fantasy and Science Fiction--May--6/28/78--160 pp

160. Famous Ghost Stories--Bennett Cerf--7/4/78--261 pp

161. Be Best Science Fiction Stories & Novels--T.E. Dikty--7/18/78--231 pp

162. Fellowship of the Stars--Terry Carr--7/20/78--222 pp

163. Fantasy and Science Fiction--June--8/27/78--160 pp

164. The Plague Dogs--Richard Adams--9/23/78--390 pp

165. A Stranger Is Watching--Mary H. Clark--9/25/78--256 pp

166. Fantasy and Science Fiction--July--10/15/78--160 pp

167. What You Say is What You Get--Don Gossett--10/22/78--224 pp

168. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe--C.S. Lewis--10/29/78--186 pp

169. Prince Caspian--C.S. Lewis--11/3/78--216 pp

170. In His Steps--Charles M. Sheldon--11/23/78--243 pp

171. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader--C.S. Lewis--11/26/78--216 pp

172. The Silver Chair--C.S. Lewis--12/17/78--217 pp

173. The Horse and His Boy--C.S. Lewis--12/18/78--217 pp

174. The Magician's Nephew--C.S. Lewis--12/29/78--186 pp

175. The Last Battle--C.S. Lewis--12/30/78--184 pp

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