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1982 (November 26, 2008 - 10:15 a.m.)

265. The Grace of God in the Gospel--John Cheeseman, et al--1/5/82

266. Deathbird Stories--Harlan Ellison--1/11/82

267. Dangerous Visions--Harlan Ellison--1/17/82

268. Strange Wine--Harlan Ellison--2/6/82

269. The Lord God Made Them All--James Herriott--2/23/82

270. Opinions on Church Music--Wienandt, ed--3/28/82

271. Instrumental Music in the Church--W Hines Sims--4/11/82

272. Friday--Robert A Heinlein--5/5/82

273. No Doors, No Windows--Harlan Ellision--5/13/82

274. The Meaning of the Millennium--Robert G Clouse, ed.--5/16/82

275. Farnham's Freehold--Robert A Heinlein--6/1/82

276. How To Live With Yourself--Robert J Hastings--6/20/82

277. A Faith That Works--B J Chitwood--6/21/82

278. The One Tree--Stephen R Donaldson--6/27/82

279. Thursdays 'Til 9--Jane Trabey--6/27/82

280. The Fundamentalist Phenomenon--Jerry Falwell, ed--7/10/82 (ok...I'm officially embarrassed!)

281. Sword At Sunset--Rosemary Sutcliff--8/1/82

282. Fully Human Fully Alive--John Powell--8/6/82

283. Mickelsson's Ghosts--John Gardner--8/8/82

284. Dragon's Egg--Robert L Forward--8/11/82

285. Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord--R C Trench--8/14/82

286. Gangland--David Winn--8/15/82

287. Small World--Tabitha King--8/20/82

288. Different Season--Stephen King--9/1/82

289. Christ the Healer--Horatius Bonar--7/25/82

290. Ah, But Your Land Is Beautiful--Alan Paton--9/12/82

291. A Christian Manifesto--Francis A Schaeffer--10/7/82

292. The Freedom Letter (Romans)--Alan F Johnson--10/13/82

293. Revelation Expounded--Finis Jennings Dake--10/24/82

294. The Lathe of Heaven--Ursula K LeGuinn--10/25/82

295. The Pilgrim's Regress--C S Lewis--11/23/82

296. Techniques of Twentieth Century Composition--Leon Dallin--12/6/82

297. Essentials of Eighteenth Century Counterpoint--Neals B Mason--12/6/82 (Now THAT'S some exciting reading!!)

298. Concentric Circles of Concern--W Oscar Thompson--12/15/82

299. Holy Blood, Holy Grail--Baigent, Michael, et al--12/27/82

300. Holy Bible--NASV Master Study Bible--12/31/82

301. The Mechanics of Research--Robert Douglass--9/2/82 (Not sure how that got out of order)

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