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2008 (May 07, 2008 - 5:18 p.m.)

1089. Smoke and Mirrors--Neil Gaiman--339 pp--1/4/08

1090. M is for Magic--Neil Gaiman--260 pp--1/10/08

1091. Y: The Last Man: Book 4: Safeword--Brian K. Vaughan--142 pp--1/21/08

1092. Duma Key--Stephen King--611 pp--2/8/08

1093. Captain's Fury--Jim Butcher--451 pp--2/22/08

1094. The Ruins--Scott Smith--3/3/08--319 pp

1095. The Sandman: Book Seven-Brief Lives--Neil Gaiman--3/4/08--239 pp

1096. Y: The Last Man-Book 5-Ring of Truth--Brian K. Vaughan--3/5/08--189 pp

1097. The Sandman: Book Eight--Worlds' End--Neil Gaiman--3/13/08--162pp

1098. The Sandman: Book Nine--The Kindly Ones--Neil Gaiman--3/24/08--321pp

1099. Y: The Last Man--Book 6--Girl On Girl--Brian K. Vaughan--3/26/08--126pp

1100. Nightshade--Robert Phillips, ed.--3/31/08--464pp

1101. The Magician's Nephew--C.S. Lewis--4/3/08--202pp

1102. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe--C.S. Lewis--4/7/08--189pp

1103. Spike: Asylum--Bryan Lynch--4/11/08--128pp

1104. Y: The Last Man--Book 7--Paper Dolls--Brian K. Vaughan--4/12/08--143pp

1105. The Horse and His Boy--C.S. Lewis--4/16/08--224pp

1106. Neverwhere--Neil Gaiman--4/26/08--370pp

1107. The Sandman: Book Ten--The Wake--Neil Gaiman--5/4/08--184 pp

1108. Small Favor--Jim Butcher--5/9/08--420 pp

1109. Never Ceese--Sue Dent--5/22/08--300 pp

1110. Y: The Last Man--Book 8--Kimono Dragons--Brian K. Vaughan--5/24/08--144 pp

1111. Look Me In the Eye--John Elder Robison--288 pp--6/2/08

1112. The Sandman: Endless Nights--Neil Gaiman--159 pp--6/3/08

1113. Preacher: Gone To Texas--Garth Ennis--199 pp--6/5/08

1114. Y:The Last Man: Book 9: Motherland--Brian K. Vaughan--143 pp--6/9/08

1115. Twilight--Stephenie Meyer--498pp--6/14/08

1116. Y: The Last Man: Book 10: Whys and Wherefores--Brian K. Vaughan--166 pp--6/23/08

1117. Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere--Mike CArey & Glenn Fabrey--7/7/08

1118. What Jesus Demands from the World--John Piper--400p 7/22/08

1119. A Game of Thrones--George R.R. Martin--835 p--7/29/08

1120. The Rosetta Codex--Richard Paul Russo--375 p--8/3/08

1121. Preacher: Gone To Texas--Garth Ennis--255p--8/11/08

1122. Preacher: Proud Americans--Garth Ennis--231p--8/21/08

1123. Clapton--Eric Clapton--343p--8/22/08

1124. Preacher: Ancient History--Garth Ennis--222p--9/22/08

1125. Rising Stars: Born In Fire--J. Michael Straczynski--10/5/08

1126. A Clash of Kings--George R.R. Martin--1009p--10/9/08

1127. The Myth Hunters--Cristopher Golden--10/12/08

1128. Blue Highways--William Least Heat-Moon--11/4/08

1129. Preacher: Dixie Fried--Garth Ennis--11/7/08

1130. The Blade Itself--Joe Abercrombie--11/25/08

1131. Pagan Christianity?--Frank Viola and George Barna--12/5/08

1132. Daily Guideposts 2008--Various authors--12/31/08

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