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2009 (January 08, 2009 - 4:59 p.m.)

Beginning with 2009, I'm going to start over numbering with 1 each year. I will tally up the total read so far at the bottom of the entry.

1. Watchmen--Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons--1/3/09

2. Reimagining Church--Frank Viola--1/8/09

3. Preacher: War In the Sun--Garth Ennis--1/8/09

4. Fables: Storybook Love (Vol 3)--Bill Willingham--1/16/09

5. Before They Are Hanged--Joe Abercrombie--1/30/09

6. Jim & Casper Go To Church--Jim Henderson & Matt Casper--2/2/09

7. Princeps' Fury--Jim Butcher--2/10/09

8. Dead Until Dark--Charlaine Harris--2/13/09

9. Living Dead In Dallas--Charlaine Harris--2/17/09

10. Preacher: Salvation--Garth Ennis--2/21/09

11. Life With God--Richard J. Foster--2/24/09

12. Preacher: All Hell's A-Comin'--Garth Ennis--2/24/09

13. Preacher: Alamo--Garth Ennis--2/26/09

14. Eat This Book--Eugene Peterson--3/4/09

15. Something From the Nightside--Simon R. Green--3/6/09

16. Many Bloody Returns--ed. Charlaine Harris & Toni L.P. Kelner--3/9/09

17. Wizard's First Rule--Terry Goodkind--3/23/09

18. Club Dead--Charlaine Harris--3/25/09

19. The Message//Remix:Solo--Eugene Peterson--3/31/09

20. The Color of Magic--Terry Pratchett--4/1/09

21. The Autism & ADHD Diet--Barrie Silberberg--4/3/09

22. A Storm of Swords--George R.R. Martin--4/29/09

23. The Light Fantastic--Terry Pratchett--5/4/09

24. To Say Nothing of the Dog--Connie Willis--5/13/09

25. Turn Coat--Jim Butcher--5/20/09

26. Dead to the World--Charlaine Harris--5/29/09

27. Agents of LIght and Darkness--Simon R. Green--6/2/09

28. Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet--Elaine Gottschall--6/4/09

29. The Accidental Time Machine--Joe Haldeman--6/8/09

30. The Prayer of the Lord--R.C. Sproul--6/11/09

31. Dead As A Doornail--Charlaine Harris--6/15/09

32. Fables, Vol 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers--Bill Willingham--6/21/09

33. From Eternity to Here--Frank Viola--6/22/09

34. Good Omens--Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman--7/8/09

35. Stone of Tears--Terry Goodkind--7/17/09

36. Equal Rights--Terry Pratchett--7/24/09

37. Doomsday Book--Connie Willis--8/5/09

38. Summer Morning, Summer Night--Ray Bradbury--8/7/09

39. The Well of Lost Plots--Jasper Fforde--8/14/09

40. The Martian Chronicles--Ray Bradbury--8/25/09

41. Mort--Terry Pratchett--8/28/09

42. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz--L. Frank Baum--9/2/09

43. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass--Lewis Carroll--9/9/09

44. The Graveyard Book--Neil Gaiman--9/11/09

45. Fables, Vol. 5: The Mean Seasons--Bill Willingham--9/13/09

46. Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (Comic)--Dean Koontz--9/14/09

47. A Dirty Job--Christopher Moore--9/18/09

48. Just After Sunset--Stephen King--9/25/09

49. Fool--Christopher Moore--9/30/09

50. The War of the Worlds--H.G. Wells--10/3/09

51. Strange Brew--ed. by P.N. Elrod--10/10/09

52. Bellwether--Connie Willis--10/11/09

53. The Time Machine--H.G. Wells--10/13/09

54. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde--Robert Louis Stephenson--10/21/09

55. Ravens--George Green Dawes--11/4/09

56. Blood of the Fold--Terry Goodkind--11/25/09

57. 13 Phantasms and other stories--James P. Blaylock

58. Lincoln's Dreams--Connie Willis--12/10/09

59. Jesus Did It Anyway--Kent M. Keith--12/15/09

60. Heart Aflame: Daily Readings from Calvin on the Psalms--Ed. Sinclair B. Ferguson--12/31/09

Total books read to date: 1192

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