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Comic Lament (2004-08-04 - 4:57 p.m.)

Thanks, Spritopias for this Calvin quiz. Or at least for linking to it so I could find it.

Dancing Calvin-Boogey till your parents get

What Calvin are you and what type?
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I so miss Calvin and Hobbes. I mean, we have most of the books, if not all of them, so I can read it anytime I want, but it's not the same as picking up the funnies and seeing it every day. I understand why Watterson wanted to quit, but it was awfully selfish of him.

And I think that Frazz is Calvin all grown up. There is a really suspicious resemblance between little Calvin and Frazz. Frazz's girlfriend is not Suzie, though.

Of course, I still think Sherman's Lagoon is drawn by Berkely Breathed under a pseudonym. Sherman is sooo Opus. But then, Opus is back on Sundays, so maybe I'm wrong. Sadly, Opus is seldom funny anymore.

Bloom County is another one that I sorely miss.

"Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts!"

Somebody, somewhere will remember that and laugh out loud.

My favorite comics today? Foxtrot, Frazz (which, sadly, is not in our local newspaper, but thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I can still read it every day...when I remember), Sherman's Lagoon, Doonesbury (even though I get angry with him every other day), Get Fuzzy (I really hated that one when it started and now I love it), and Mallard Fillmore. And Dilbert; can't forget Dilbert. Honorable mentions go to B.C. (always a classic), Beetle Baily, Mutts, Baldo, heck, I just like most of them. Except for Cathy. Geez. How many words can you put in one comic strip, anyway??

Still reading that Wicked book. It seems that Creepatron may have been right, after all.

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