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Conversations with Monsters (2004-05-16 - 7:36 a.m.)

Something very interesting happened to me yesterday.

If you recall, Christi and Rachel are in Chicago at a Flasback Weekend Angel/Buffy convention. Featured guests are David Boreanaz (did I spell that right?)(his only US appearance this year), Christian Kane (Lindsey) along with his band "Kane" (wonder where they got that name...), Stephanie Romanov (Lyla Morgan), Elizabeth Anne Allen (Amy the Witch from Buffy), and Camden Toy (he played one of the "Gentlemen" from "Hush" as well as "Gnarl" in "Same Time, Same Place," and the Ubervamp from season 7; I think he was also the Prince of Lies in that Angel flashback episode that took place in WWII). There were a couple of other "lesser" guests, Xander's swim coach and that Scott Schwartz guy that seems to go to all of the conventions.

Well, anyway, Rachel has been calling me, like, every three or four hours (which is ok, you know, because we have UNLIMITED WEEKEND MINUTES!) to give me updates on what a swell time they are having while I'm staying at home entertaining miss primadona Stephanie.

Yesterday afternoon, when Rachel called, she just happened to be near the place where Camden Toy was signing autographs. She offered to try to get him to talk to me on the phone. I said, "Sure, why not?" He agreed to. Now that was just too cool. It wasn't David or Christian, but it was somebody, and somebody that I like, too, because the Gentlemen and Gnarl are some of my favorite villains. He was very nice, and chatted for about 5 minutes or so. They are supposed to get me a personalized autograph from him today.

On another subject, I have determined that Putt Putt is helping feed our nation's gambling addiction.

Yeah, they have that miniature golf thing going on (ask Rachel how she feels about that sometime), and they have those kiddie rides outside. Inside, they have a few games that you can play, such as Dance Revolution (kind of amazing who you might find playing that at any given moment) and a few racing games. They also have a lame bowling game involving solid wooden balls (I think they are actually skeeballs) and little bitty pins held up by strings. Costs $2.00 to play a game.

Anyway, the majority of the inside is taken up by these infernal games that give prize tickets. Some of them are actually skill-based games, like getting a ball in a hole or something like that. But there are these 5 or 6 games where all you do is sit there and feed tokens into a slot and hope it lands on the "jackpot" circle. Argh!

I never got the stupid jackpot, either. It was up to 1002 tickets (the highest it goes). I did manage to walk away with over 1400 tickets, though, and had the awestruck admiration of every child under 13 in the place as I walked over to the ticket redemption center. I think I actually received some looks of admiration from some of the parents, too.

I sure got a lot of Atomic Fireballs...

Stephanie got two different kinds of slime.

Goody. I've already picked one of them up off the floor. Well, you don't really "pick up" slime, now do you?


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