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It's Christmas at Six Flags (2005-12-19 - 5:54 p.m.)

First of all, welcome back.


It was me that was gone.

Ok. Anyway...I'm back, and perhaps to stay a while.

Now, to the topic.

We went to "Holiday In the Park" at Six Flags Over Texas Sunday afternoon. Now before anyone gets all controversial over the "holiday" designation, Six Flags has always called their Christmas celebration "Holiday In the Park." I have no problems with that.

Anyway, we went and enjoyed the lights and sounds and tastes (hot apple cider---YUM) of Christmas. There was music galore, food galore, and, of course, lots of vendors selling their wares. There was a lovely exhibit of Christmas Trees decorated with anything from traditional ornaments to paint cans and brushes to baseballs to photographs from old famous movies and musicals. That was fun.

The best part, however, was an awesomely awesome suprise. We got in line for the "David Blackburn Souther Palace" production of "The Best Time of the Year." Honestly, I was expecting thirty minutes of secular Christmas music with dancing and stuff. Good fun. What we got was pleasantly surprising. We saw about twenty minutes of that, including a really cute song poking fun at the "I want everything for Christmas and I want it now" syndrome, complete with a video face telling the kids to drag their parents to the "Over-Priced Mall" to buy stuff.

Suddenly, with about ten minutes left in the show, a lone singer came out on the right side of the stage and began singing a slow, melodic song. About three lines into the song, he began singing about a Savior being born. My breath caught. Tears formed in my eyes. Merciful heavens! This show was telling us about Jesus!

Soon, in the background, were Mary and Joseph and the baby, along with several shepherds who proceeded to bow before the representation of the Christ Child. Another singer came out and launched full-on into "O Holy Night." We were fully overwhelmed. And the applause at the end? Deafening! Yes! We got the Christmas story AND WE LIKED IT!

It's Christmas, folks. It's Christmas. And Six Flags Over Texas is not ashamed of it, like WalMart is.

Thank you David Blackburn and SFoT!!

Merry Christmas to all.

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