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Charlaine Harris Dishes Up Another Winner (2004-12-27 - 7:25 a.m.)

I actually finished two books over the Christmas weekend. The first, I'm not going to talk about much. It was Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life. Not a bad book, but I found it to be tedious in many places, plus he spent a lot of pages saying what he could have said in a few pages. He uses plenty of Scripture references to back up his points, although many of those are either taken out of context or use translations/paraphrases that don't actually agree with the true text.

The other book was yet another of Charlaine Harris's "Southern Vampire" novels, Club Dead. I am truly enjoying these books. Sookie Stackhouse returns for another adventure involving, of course, her boyfriend, the vampire Bill. Or is he? Her boyfriend, that is.

Part of me wishes that she would just be done with him and move on. Especially after the chemistry that she obviously has with Alcide, the Were that is assigned to her as her "guardian" in Jackson, Mississippi (lessee, M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-crooked letter...yeesh). They are trying to find out where Bill has been abducted to.

Bill was apparently working for the Queen of Louisiana on a secret project. After he tells Sookie this, she is, of course, mildly amused. Of course, when Eric, the owner of Fangtasia, tells Sookie about the King of Mississippi, there is no more "mildly" to it. She totally busts out laughing. And rightfully so. Ms. Harris combines the tension of the mystery with the humor of these situations masterfully.

Once again, Ms. Harris deliveres a delightful novel, chock full of suspense, laughter, romance (yep), and some steamy almost-sex. (The part in the trunk of the Lincoln wasn't so steamy.) I'm hooked on this series and can't wait for the next one. It's already been published, so it's just a matter of finding it.

On a totally other subject, I have an important question.

Why do they make the little chains that pull the little rubber stopper in the toilet mechanisms out of stuff that will rust?? (I know...some of them are plastic. But not all of them.)

Not sure what I'm reading next. Might be Stephen King and friend's chronicle of the miraculous 2004 season of the Boston Red Sox, called Faithful. Who knows?

TTFN, boys and girls. Maybe tomorrow, I'll tell you what I got for Christmas.

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