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Coco Rides Again (2006-05-27 - 10:10 a.m.)

I may make two entries in a row this morning. Or not. But this one is about baseball.

Stephie and I went to last night's Rangers game at Ameriquest Field in Arlington.

It was a good game to watch. John Koronka had a good outing, giving up only 2 runs in his 7 innings. He left the game with in a winning situation, with the Rangers ahead 3-2.

Then, to my dismay, I looked up to see Francisco "Coco" Cordero on the mound. And, as is his custom, he walked the first batter, gave up a single to drive the first batter to third, and then gave up the tying run on a sacrifice fly. Once again, the infamous Coco Cordero has stolen a win from a starting pitcher.

Buck Showalter is insane, by definition of insanity. That is, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. "It's the eighth inning. We must put Coco in." I've lost track of how many wins Coco has stolen from Rangers starting pitchers. I know that he has blown at least 7 saves this season, and has a 4-3 w/l record. At least three of those four wins are stolen from starting pitchers.

Fortunately, once again, Rangers batters came through in the bottom of the eighth, and Blalock drove in two runs with the bases loaded, so they went into the ninth with a lead for Oki Otsuka, who pitched brilliantly once again.

I really, really wish that Buck Showalter would go away. And take his lap dog Coco Cordero with him. The Rangers are three games up on the A's now. Showalter should take very little credit for this. He is a horrible manager.

Tom Hicks, wake up and pay attention!!!! Hockey season is over. So start watching your baseball team.

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