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Ice and Movies....A Great Combo (2007-01-15 - 6:10 p.m.)

It's COLD!

Ok. Remember I'm in Texas. That means it's below freezing.

So go ahead and laugh, you northerners and Canadians.

But it's cold to me. And there was ice everywhere this morning. And you know us down here. A half-inch of ice and we go freaking bonkers!!

Ah, well.

We watched two very awesome movies this weekend. Sometimes we get lucky at the Blockbuster and get a couple of good ones at once.

First was "The Illusionist." Brilliant! Magnificent! I loved every minute of it. And the wonderful twist at the end. I highly recommend this movie if you haven't seen it already. Edward Norton is great as the magician, and Paul Giamatti (spelling??) is really good as the chief inspector. Rufus Sewell, as usual, plays a wonderful creep. Wonder why he's so good at that???

Second was "The Devil Wears Prada." I would not have thought it, but this was tremendous. Meryl Streep is genius. She is an amazing actress and plays the part of the snooty fashion magazine editor with great panache. Anne Hathaway (very hard to believe she was the girl in Princess Diaries) plays the fashion illiterate journalist very well. And the guy that plays her boyfriend is, well, cute. Yeah, I said cute...just deal with it. Again, a great movie, seemingly based on a fashion mag such as Vogue. I don't recall anything offensive about it at all. Other than the stupidity of the people in the fashion industry. But that's more amusing than offending...

I know I haven't written much about Stephanie and our "journey" recently. There's not much to report at the moment. We've had a few minor meltdowns, one triggered by a scoop of ice cream the night before.

Currently, she is on an "I hate choir" kick, which is causing us grief. This is choir at school, btw. We let her have bread again a while back, but there's no way she's getting milk again. Or ice cream, either.

I'm still wanting to spend some more time looking at the genetic testing that we had done and see if there is any help to be had from that. It was very expensive and I don't want to think we just threw that money away.

I guess that's all for now.

TTFN, y'all

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