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Curt Schilling Rocks and Rolls (2006-04-04 - 7:34 a.m.)

Ladies and gentlemen, Curt Schilling is back!

He pitched wonderfully against the Rangers in yesterday's opening day game. 5 innings with only 1 hit when, in the sixth, Hank Blalock connected for a shallow right field two-run homer. That would be all for the Rangers until the ninth, when Keith Foulke threatened to blow the game.

Schilling was still throwing 95mph fast balls after 114 pitches! He was truly amazing, and looked like the Curt Schilling that we saw in 2004.

Kevin Millwood started out good, but fell apart early. He gave up 5 runs (all earned), then Showalter started throwing pitchers at the game like Pep Boys mechanics fix cars. It was actually kind of insane. It's one of the things that I truly hate about Showalter.

Final score: Red Sox-7 Rangers-3

And it wasn't nearly as much of a game as that makes it look. After the third inning, it was all Red Sox.

Tim Wakefield, the knuckler, pitches tonight against Vicente Padilla, yet another new Rangers pitcher.

I'm really looking forward to Wednesday's game, though. Kameron Loe pitches for the Rangers, and Josh Beckett pitches for the Sox. Stephie and I love Kameron. I hope he does well. I also hope Beckett does well.

It's really hard to root for two teams when they play each other. I guess I'm happy whichever way it comes out. But here's the thing. When I was 10 years old, looking for a baseball team to root for, there was no Texas Rangers. We had the Dallas/Fort Worth Spurs, which was a minor league team for the Orioles (I think).

The Boston Red Sox had this young guy hitting 40+ home runs a year before they made the ball hotter and before steroid injections. His name was Carl Yastrzemski (try spelling that one from memory...). He quickly became my childhood baseball hero. I have rooted for the Boston Red Sox ever since.

This is, I believe, season number 106 for the Sox. Approximately 70 more than the Rangers.

I love the Rangers. I cheer for the Rangers. I hope they make the playoffs and win the World Series. Unless Boston does. If, by chance, the Red Sox and the Rangers wound up in the AL championship, it would be very painful. I pray that never happens.

TTFN y'all

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