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An Anniversary of Sorts (2005-12-23 - 9:00 a.m.)

22 years ago, today, I received a phone call. It was from a lawyer.

I can't even remember his name, and it couldn't possibley be less important.

He was calling me to tell me that the divorce was final.

Five years of marriage was over. Oddly enough, you can find my ex-wife here. Read some back entries, and you will quickly realize why we got divorced. 22 years later, there are absolutely no hard feelings. We even contact each other every few years.

Worst Christmas ever.

But the next Christmas was, perhaps, the best one ever.

Just shy of one year later, I met Christi. We got married the following October, and that one has lasted. There have been a few close calls, no thanks to me and my stupidity, but we have been married a little over 20 years now and have two wonderful children, one of which you can occasionally find here when she chooses to update.

So, the purpose of this entry, is simply to remember, not to mourn or be saddened. After all, both me and my ex are, apparently, better off.

TTFN, y'all!

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