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The Earth Is Definitely Doomed (2005-04-23 - 10:29 a.m.)

I got this postcard in the mail yesterday. Oversized postcard, actually.

On the back, at first glance, I simply saw this: "Enjoy the Perfect Cat." And some logo that said, "PetBank."

Ok. I'm thinking pet adoption agency, because we have used several of those in our ongoing effort to find a cat that will like Rachel's mother. *weg*

So I look at the rest of the mail. As I'm picking up aforementioned oversized postcard to throw it in the recycling trash, I flip it over. That was when I saw:

"Cat Cloning"



There were about 30 seconds of total silence as I began looking around for the "Candid Camera" crew.

"Cat Cloning."

Dear God.

"Genetic Savings & Clone."

Oh, dear Lord. And could they have picked a dorkier NAME??

I swear I am not making this up, people. I looked at the back again, and re-read the first line that I saw. "Enjoy the Perfect Cat--Twice in Your Lifetime!"


Shades of a science fiction movie!

This is apparently a real thing. Christi looked up their website on the 'net. For the low, low price of *ahem* $32,000, you, too, can have your perfect cat cloned to make a kitten that will be almost identical to your old one.

To quote a dear old friend, "The Earth is definitely doomed."

On a lighter note, I got a new turntable at Best Buy last night. Whee!!!

Now I can start making decent cd copies of all these collectible records I keep buying at HalfPrice Books and Records.

Actually, the experience was a bit funny. When we walked into the store, we were greeted, as usual, by the guy standing at the front door. There were two of them there, and, deciding I didn't want to spend an hour looking around for something that might not even be there, I turned and asked, "Do you have turntables?"

"No!" said guy number one, decisively.

"Yes!" said guy number two, equally as decisively.

That was just funny. Turns out, guy number two was right. They had two on display, one in stock. I bought it. Made by Sony, so it should be pretty good. I'm about to hook it up.


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