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So Long Eagle, Hello Edgle (2004-05-20 - 5:44 p.m.)

Tuesday afternoon (hmm...that would be a good song title) the DFW metroplex lost a long-time companion. Alas, KEGL (97.1, The Eagle) is no more. Metalheads everywhere are mourning.

Honestly, I won't miss it that much, but it was another option at times when channel surfing to find something good to listen to.

It just disappeared. Like radio stations do sometimes.

Well, didn't just "disappear." There IS something playing at 97.1. It's called "Sunny." (Excuse me while I go throw up.) "Sunny." I can't even type that in a way to make it look as drippy as that sounds!

What do they play? "Your favorites from the 60's, 70's, and 80's." Sorry. No. WHAT was Clear Channel thinking?? Dallas already has KLUV, the local EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL oldies station.

Thing is, I knew something was up about a month ago when KDGE (102.1, The Edge) started playing KORN!! Then they started playing DISTURBED!! (I was certainly disturbed--ohwah-ah-ah-ah.) Now that KEGL is gone, they are playing Godsmack and Metallica, as well. Ok, I like Metallica (heard "Enter Sandman" TWICE today). But Godsmack?? Blech! Anybody heard that unplugged cd? The guy canNOT sing! Out of tune!!! Majorly! (Is that a word?)

So, I'm bummed because KDGE is now trying to satisfy BOTH markets. Their new slogan is "The new rock alternative."

I figure somewhere, a station will pick up the metal format soon. But I'll still have to hear Godsmack on the Edge.


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