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American Idol: Send Five Guys Home!! (2007-03-07 - 2:09 a.m.)

Well, I watched American Idol last night. The guys sang, if it can be called that in most cases.

I tell you, we have a pretty pathetic bunch of guys this year. They need to change the rules. After last night, only three guys need to be allowed to stay. The rest need to go home. Let's speed things up a bit.

Chris Sligh, Brandon (don't know his last name) and Blake, the beat box, can all stay. The rest need to go. Badly.

One thing that was kind of aggravating...the three judges were very harsh towards the two guys who chose to sing "Christian" songs. Chris Slight sang a song (was it DC Talk or one of the guys solo?) called "We All Want to be Loved." I think he did very well for the most part. He had a timing issue in the middle, and it got slightly "pitchy," as Randy would say. Otherwise, it was quite good. All three judges criticized the song choice, as though they just didn't get it.

They were even harsher towards Phil Stacy's choice. I don't know the name of the song that he sang, but I know I've heard it on our local Christian pop station. Granted, he pretty much butchered it, but still...the judges acted like they had heard a song from Pluto or something.

They need to be careful. If they alienate themselves from the entire Christian viewing audience, they might lose a large chunk of viewers. While I realize that no one is going to become "American Idol" singing Christian songs, just because they don't recognize the song doesn't make it bad.

Enough of that soapbox. It will be interesting to see what the girls do tonight. Thank God they will all be on the same show next week. No more three night marathons until next season.

In other news, I have a doctor's appointment Thursday morning at 8:15 because he wants to discuss some lab results with me. I am expecting to be told that I have developed diabetes.

Total life change....dead ahead....

TTFN, y'all!

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