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Baseball games and storms (2004-05-02 - 7:27 p.m.)

Stephanie and I tried to go to a baseball game Friday night.

Well, we actually went to the Ballpark. One of the managers at work gave me these tickets that a temp agency had given him. The Texas Rangers were playing the Boston Red Sox. My favorite team and Stephen King's favorite team.

See? Stephen King and I have something in common.

Anyway, about 10 minutes before the game was supposed to start (they always start at 7:05. Not 7:00. Why is that. Anybody know?), they announced that there was going to be a lengthy delay because of severe weather that was approaching the area.

There was a heavy storm approaching, with high winds, hail, and stuff. But, mind you it was still FORTY-FIVE MINUTES AWAY!! And that was by there calculations.

Well, we stayed put for a few minutes (Stephanie starts freaking out, because it scared her) because we were right under the beginning of the overhand of the deck above us. In other words, we were under cover.

After we ate a couple of hot dogs, we got up and went back behind the seating area, well under the cover. And we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

An hour we waited, and the storm still wasn't there.

Around 8:00, they announced that, even if they played, our ticket stubs would be counted as "rain checks." Yay!! That encouraged a lot of people to leave, us being among them. We finally decided that the storm was still far enough away for us to have time to walk the 99 miles from the stadium to where our car was parked. And we did make it.

Less than five minutes after we got to the car, it started raining.

Thank you, God!

This was, of course, the same rain that Rachel was driving in.

Actually, Rachel is driving quite well. We had a small scare this morning, but it really wasn't her fault. It was a new situation for her. There was a double left turn lane, and she didn't know that you had to turn to the center lane from the right left-turn lane. She tried to go to the left lane, and we stopped her, but there was another car behind her, and, well, it could have been nasty, but all ended well.

She will probably drive to school tomorrow. A year from now, she will be driving herself to school without me. *sigh*

It's not a happy thing to think that your daughter might not need you anymore soon.

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