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Will I Get A Life? (2004-03-26 - 6:49 p.m.)

Tomorrow, I must go to an apartment in Dallas to be present for the drawing for the grand prize in the Edge "Get A Life" contest. I got qualified Wednesday afternoon by being CALLER NUMBER 9!! I also won $500.00 by being CALLER NUMBER 9!!

Thank you, Rachel.

You see, she called me right before I was going to call the Edge to win. I had the number keyed in on my cell phone and was waiting for the DJ to stop talking. Just as she stopped, the phone rang! It was Rachel, seeing how close I was to picking her up. I answered and said, "I've gotta call the Edge right now bye!" One busy, two busy, third time CALLER NUMBER 9!!

I was going to copy and paste all of the stuff in the grand prize from the web site for KDGE, but it's already gone, because, in effect, the qualifying portion of the contest ended sometime this afternoon. So the promotion is gone. So, to the best of my memory, here is a partial list of the booty.

A one year apartment lease from Power Properties. This is the apartment at which the drawing will be held. If I win, perhaps Lindsey could use it.

A 52 inch projection screen tv. Wow

A Home theater system valued at $3000.

A DVD player

An Xbox with games

A year's worth of Pepsi products (Mountain Dew Code Red!)

A year of eating out (once a week at various restaurants).

A year's worth of concert tickets

Cds and DVDs for a year.

A year of haircuts and tanning

A camcorder

An iPod

A palm pilot

A laptop from CompUSA

A Dell DJ system (wazzat??)

A golf getaway to some resort in the hill country with limo ride back and forth from Dallas.

I think there's more, but that's all I can remember.

Oh, yeah...a $1000 gift card from Home Depot.

The cool thing is that this contest only went from March 2 until today. That's 19 weekdays at two contestants a day...that means only 38 people are qualified to win this thing. Pretty good odds, eh? And you must be present to win.

I'll let you know tomorrow.

Rachel...I'm really sorry about last night. I know I already said that. But now I'm saying that in front of the six people who read my diary...

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