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Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) (2005-01-29 - 8:26 a.m.)

I'm finally back for the long-awaited next entry. Woohoo! I wonder if anyone will read this.

I finally got the Chevelle cd, "This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)." So I can finally see what the REAL lyrics are to "Vitamin R," which, in my opinion, is one of the best rock songs to come out of 2004. I can finally prove that every web site that I looked at that posted lyrics to this song were wrong. There aren't too many things more reprehensible than someone posting something on their website when all they did was make up words when they couldn't understand them. For the bridge of "Vitamin R," every lyric site that I saw had them saying "Over and over a slayne." SLAYNE??? What the **** is a SLAYNE??

And in the chorus, they had the lyrics as "the hassle of all the screaming fans," which, of course indicates that they have no idea what this song is about.

The thing that makes this song so good, in my opinion, is its subject matter. The song is about Ritalin, the scourge of children's medications. Ritalin is what most child psychiatrists throw at kids to make them stop acting like kids. They invented a condition that they call ADHD (no such thing, people, there really isn't) and started throwing a drug at the children that is one small step away from cocaine. If you don't believe me, look it up. Some even go so far as to call Ritalin "kiddie coke."

We have had our own experience with this stuff. We took our daughter to a psychiatrist for a brief evaluation. We were certain that we didn't want her on Ritalin. The doctor pointed to a different drug (I started to type medicine, but, in truth, these are not medicines, they are drugs!) called "Concerta." Guess what Concerta is. It's methylphenidate. What's methylphenidate? *Drum roll, please*

RITALIN!! The only difference is that Concerta releases more slowly so the kid doesn't "come down" so quickly and only has to take one pill a day instead of three or four.

Needless to say, we didn't even make it through a week with this stuff. Our daughter was a complete zombie while on the drug, and when it wore off, she was worse than ever.

We threw the crap away, and cancelled any further appointments with this docter. The thing that makes this even worse was that our daughter was never diagnosed with ADHD. She has been diagnosed as "high-functioning autistic." Yet this quack of a trickcyclist gave her kiddie coke anyway. I tell you, she was almost breathing heavily at the prospect of putting one more poor child on this stuff!

Well, are the real lyrics to "Vitamin R," according to the liner notes from the cd. Oh, yes, just in case there are any questions, the daughter in question is not Rachel (I'm probably violating all kinds of copyright laws, here, but it's a great message.)

Some will learn, many do
Cover up or spread it out
Turn around had enough
Pick and choose or pass it on
Buying in heading for
Suffer now or suffer then
It's bad enough, I want the fear
Need the fear cause he's alone
He has become
Well, if they're making it (making it)
Then they're pushing it (pushing it)
And they're leading us along
The hassle of (hassle of)
All the screaming fits (screaming fits)
That panic makes remorse

After all, what's the point
Course levitation is possible
If you're a fly, achieved and gone
There's time for this and so much more
It's typical create a world
A special place of my design
To never cope or never care
Just use the key cause he's alone
(Repeats chorus)
Over and over a slave became
Over and over a slave became
Over and over a slave became
Over and over it's slave
(Last chorus)
Well, if they're making it
Then they're pushing it
And they're leading us along
The hassle of
All the screaming fits
That panic held before
Well, if they're making it
Then they're pushing it
And they're leading us along
Like a cancer caused
All the screaming fits
And their panic makes remorse

The video for this song is also truly awesome. It depicts an adult in an office setting who basically sits and stares out into space all day, living in his own little world. Addicted to the high of "Vitamin R."

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