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Beware of Parents with Gifts!! (2004-07-06 - 7:03 p.m.)

My parents were just here. They brought me all kinds of goodies.

One was the All Music Guide To the Blues. It's a compendium of knowledge about practically anyone who's ever played the blues and even some who are questionable. It has biographies and discographies, and even lists what is, in their opinion, the best album of any particular artist to buy first, as well as "essential recordings" from that artist's repertoire.

They also brought another blues book with lots of pictures in it. Can't remember the name right now, and it's not in here with me.

Also, an LP copy (yes, VINYL) of the Harry Simeone Chorale's recording of O, Bambino (people this is my all-time favorite Christmas album EVER!!! I mean it. I am so happy. It's even in stereo.

Side note. For you kiddies...records have NOT always been in stereo. There was a day when there was only one speaker in the system, and even if there were two, the same thing came out of both of them. It was called "monoraul."

Finally, they brought a brochure of hotel/airfare packages for Hawaii. This is really starting to look like it might happen. Maybe next year during spring break. I can hardly wait!

And the band played on...

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