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Amazing Grace (2007-03-04 - 7:42 a.m.)

Stephanie and I went to see Amazing Grace yesterday afternoon.


It left me in tears. What a beautiful movie! I really had no idea about the story of William Wilberforce and the slave trade in England. I knew the story behind John Newton and the writing of "Amazing Grace," but not about Wilberforce.

Ioan Gruffudd (anyone know how to pronounce that first name??) was brilliant as Wilberforce. Albert Finney plays John Newton quite well. And I absolutely loved Rufus Sewell (already liked him anyway) as Thomas Clarkson.

The settings were amazing, the costuming was wonderful. Everything about it was great. Stephanie even liked it (which really surprised me...I truly thought she would be bored).

The movie is not really about the song. But John Newton figures heavily in the story. However, he had already written the song when the events in this movie begin to unfold. How ironic it is, though, that he quotes his own song toward the end of the movie..."I once was blind, but now I see...Didn't I write that, too?" And then he comments that it is finally true, because he is finally able to have his story written down to tell to everyone. The irony is that, by this time, he is, in fact, completely blind!

Go see this movie. It's good for anyone, well, except for small children, who just wouldn't be interested. There are also a few graphic descriptions of what happened to the slaves during their transport from Africa to the West Indies.

It's rare to see, but the audience applauded at the end of this movie. That doesn't happen very often.

Can you smell it?

Baseball is in the air...the first game of the season is less than a month away. Spring training is in full swing. Stephie and I will be at the Rangers home opener. We are sooo ready!

TTFN, y'all

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