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Guitars, guitars (2004-05-15 - 8:36 a.m.)

Real quick entry because I have to take the dog to the vet.

First thing. Rachel is a little genius, but I think I've opined that before. I logged on to Diaryland Thursday evening to shout about my lottery winning, and--what' this? The graphics on my template were replaced by a couple of little Angelfire banners.

Helplessly, I ran whining to Rachel, who proceeded to fix it in a matter of minutes.

Thank you, my daughter!

Next thing. I GOT THE GUITAR!! Woohoo!!

I am now the proud owner of a Cherry Red Gibson ES-335.

I made the wiser choice and chose the two year old used one over the brand new one. After buying the case for it, there was about a $400 difference and I couldn't tell that much difference between the two of them. The new one had a slightly prettier finish, but the sound was identical, and the finish just wasn't $400 prettier.

Anyway, there it hangs on my wall. Perhaps I'll post a picture later.

I may have to get Rachel's help on that, too.

Bye, now.

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