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Haunted (2005-08-20 - 4:11 p.m.)

I just finished the most dreadful book.

"Why did you finish it if it was so dreadful?" you might ask. And well you might.

"I'm just kind of stubborn that way," I would answer.

Haunted, by Chuck Palahniuk, was that book.

Lined out like some kind of sick and twisted reality show, Haunted takes a group of wannabee writers and locks them up in an abandoned building for a "writer's retreat." The novel reads like a series of short stories and poems, each allegedly written by one of the attendees.

Perhaps the most gruesome portion depicts canabalism as the group, starving because they have destroyed all of their food, cuts off pieces of one of their group and cooks and eats them. Imagine their surprise when this very member staggers downt he stairs and begins to eat some of her own cooked flesh before she realizes what they have done.

"I only fainted," she says. "I fainted...and you ate my ass?"

In spite of the total dreadfulness of the book, I managed to find a couple of quotes that were noteworthy.

1. "We wouldn't last a moment without someone to blame." Very profound and true of our society.

2. "The truth is so easy when everyone agrees who to blame." Similar to the first one, but yet so different.

In fact, this whole book is about blaming. Now that I think about it, the message of the story is not so dreadful. Only the vehicle.

Haunted, however, is definitely not for those of weak stomach.

I have noticed that this will be my 300th entry.



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