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Amanda Overmyer Prevails, Thanks to Vote For the Worst (February 28, 2008 - 10:33 p.m.)

Well, well, well. If there was any doubt that Vote For the Worst has some effect on the Idol outcome it was dispelled tonight!

Amanda Overmyer is still in the competition! In the words of the infamous Boston Red Sox radio announcer, "Can you believe it?"

Amanda had the worst performance Wednesday night that I have EVER heard in an American Idol top 24. As I said before, she absolutely butchered "Carry On Wayward Son." Her hair looked like Cruella DeVille and the way she was dancing looked like a "funky chicken."

But Alexandrea went home tonight. Unbelieveable.

Of course, Vote For the Worst is pushing Amanda, as well as Danny Noriega, who is also still in the contest.

The others that went home were no surprise. I thought it might be Robbie or Luke, and it turned out to be Robbie. I thought one of the "blonde Carrie Underwood clones" would be gone, and sure enough, Um...dang, which one was it? See, I can't even tell them apart. I think Alaina left. Bless her heart, she almost couldn't sing. All the other girls gathered around her for support.

Interesting side...when Alexandrea was eliminated, they kept showing side shots of David Archuleta crying. And they hugged each other pretty hard afterwards. Kind of sweet, actually.

We shall see what transpires next week. Vote For the Worst won't have to change their candidates just yet. I wonder when the Idol officials will say, "Enough is enough" and just kick Amanda off anyway. Like they did with Kevin "Chicken Little" last year...

And if you don't think that Idol is at least just a little bit fixed...I'm not going to predict an actual winner yet (David Archuleta), but it will be a guy this year. Just wait and see.

TTFN, y'all!

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