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Indigo (2004-08-22 - 6:22 p.m.)

This book has a quote, allegedly by Stephen King, on the front cover that says, "Clever, engrossing, and very scary. I was up until one in the morning."

I'm thinking that either Stephen King is still a little loopy from that accident, or this quote was stolen from another book cover. Or it's a different Stephen King. That's always a possibility. I mean there's probably more than one Stephen King, right?

Thing is, Indigo, by Graham Joyce, is possibly clever. It was not exactly what I would call engrossing, and it was never, ever scary. Not in the least. And it definitely didn't keep me up until one in the morning. I was up until one in the morning, but that's because I work graveyards.

The premise of Indigo is that there is a group of people who have learned how to make themselve invisible by focusing on the color indigo, which, the book claims, doesn't really exist in the visible spectrum of color. This was probably the sole interesting point of the book. It definitely piqued my interest in the mystery of the color.

Most everyone knows a formula for learning the colors of the rainbow. The one I learned was "ROY G BIV." This book (fiction, of course, one must remember) claims that the indigo between blue and violet really can't be seen. That the human eye actually skips straight from blue to violet. I don't know about this. I did some searching on the Internet and wasn't able to come up with anything.

The plot of the book centers around one Jack Chambers, whose father died and left him as the executor of his will. He would receive a nice sum of money, but the conditions were that he had to find one Natalie Shearer, a previous lover of his father's and deliver her portion of the inheritance. He also had to have a manuscript published that described the whole process involving indigo, and have 200,000 copies printed.

Locating Natalie was a problem, complicated by another "disciple/lover" of his father's who pretended to be Natalie.

I won't say it wasn't interesting. I did finish the book, after all. But it certainly wasn't scary. Not in the least.

What were you thinking, Stephen??

Currently, I'm reading an advace reader copy of Banner of Souls, by Liz Williams.

Also reading Scribbling in the Sand, by Michael Card.

My LaunchCast radio is currently playing "Where Do We Go From Here?" by Chicago. That takes me back.

Have a great week, my six or seven readers.

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