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Joe Barton and Jack Black (2006-10-17 - 6:49 p.m.)

Joe Barton needs to have his head served up on a platter.

Joe Barton is trying to let a landmark Autism research bill die under a political ploy. Autistic children have become Joe Barton's whipping post.

This is reprehensible.

I'll agree that there is room for massive improvement in the way the National Institute of Health works. But we're talking about much needed funding for Autism research that was passed unaminously by the Senate. UNANIMOUSLY!!

And one man sits on it.

One man should not have that kind of power.

I believe that Joe Barton is committing political suicide. I hope that parents of autistic children will band together and prevent this weasel from being re-elected whenever his term is up.

Of course, this is yet one more argument for term limits for congressmen. We should not allow career politicians. They lose site of the real goal, and it all becomes a huge play for more power and ego.

On another autism-related subject, I was horrified, yea verily, almost embarrased as I watched Jack Black put on the most pathetic display of insensitivity I have ever seen in the name of raising funds for Autism.

When I heard that a bunch of stand-up comedians, along with the ubiquitous Jon Stewart, were planning a big show for autism research, I feared that the results could be, well, not good. My fears were realized.

I watched about thirty minutes of this debacle on Comedy Central and couldn't stomach any more. This kind of help, we don't need.

The opening song that Jack Black sang was absolutely horrible. As I said, embarrasing. If he wrote that pile of doodoo, he should be ashamed of himself. But, then Jack Black has proven to have no shame, anyway.

I believe I heard the words, "sweet autism" in the course of this song. SWEET AUTISM???? Folks, there is nothing SWEET about autism! And, hopefully, there aren't very many of us that echo the sentiments of the lyrics of the song...that we don't care about cancer research or other dreadful diseases. "Autism, this is your night to shine," he sang vigorously. We don't want autism to shine. And I don't think we need a bunch if ignorant celebrities who are just looking for another way to ease their collective conscience (or perhaps told by their agents...."hey, here's another way to get your names in the papers") to help us. Dear God, please stop helping.

Ok. I'll shut up now.

TTFN, y'all

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