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Farewell, Johnny and John (2003-09-13 - 11:37 a.m.)

Okay. I finally made it to 100. I keep skipping days, but, hey, it's my diary, and it's up to me when I have something to journal about, isn't it? So there.

Today's journal is one of great sadness. I know. I'm like two days behind, but so is the newspaper, because both of these events happened too late to make the morning papers.

And I know that tons of other people are lamenting the same things. I don't care. This is my lament.

Farewell to the Man in Black. Johnny died after a long stretch of illness related to diabetes. He also died soon after his wife of many, many years. And that happens so often. I love Johnny Cash. I have loved Johnny Cash since I was a wee tyke, and I'm 45 years old, so that was right long time ago. Johnny Cash was a legend. 'Tis the end of an era. As it will be when good ol' Willy finally kicks the proverbial bucket. Johnny never took himself too seriously, but was serious enough. I mean, he sang "A Boy Named Sue," for crying out loud! "My name is Sue, How do you do? You gonna die!" He sang about stealing car parts from work and building a conglomerate car. But he also sang about Jesus. I think Johnny Cash loved God. Then, toward the end of his life, he even did insane things like covering Depeche Mode ("Your Own Personal Jesus") and *shudder* Nine Inch Nails ("Hurt"). Whatever was he thinking? But then, others covered him, too. One Bad Pig (heard of them?)even made a tribute called "Man in Black" in which he sang some, too. Goodbye, Johnny. Hopefully, I'll see you again someday.

Farewell to one of the funniest men I have ever seen. John Ritter collapsed on the set of that dating show he was doing. The cause was something about a dissected aorta from an undetected heart problem. People, get the message. Life is fragile. Take a lesson from John Ritter. He fully expected life to go on, wake up in the morning and do whatever he does every day. Who knows where he woke up? I know nothing about the spiritual condition of John Ritter.

There is always a lesson to anything that happens. This one doesn't have to be about Jesus, but it also can be. Life is not guaranteed. Our next breath is not guaranteed. It can go just like that *snap*! It is an admonishment to have our affairs in order. It is an admonishment to have things right with our creator. Scoff if you will (and many of you will), but it's a warning. Life is precious.

We also are admonished to live life to its fullest. We should not waste it with "trivial pursuits" (no offense to the game makers). I can't believe I'm going to say this, but "stop and smell the roses." All that means is that we should notice the small, pleasant things in life. Look around. Notice your world.

Most of all, find Jesus. He's the only way out alive.

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