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On the Road (2005-08-31 - 6:25 p.m.)

I just finished a "great American classic."

From now on, when I see that phrase, because of this book, I will think, "really stupid book."

On the Road, by Jack Kerouac was supposed to inspire and enlighten me. It did amaze me. What amazes me is the number of people who rave over this trash.

It is said that On the Road "defined a generation." It is said that it is "beautifully executed." I'll say that it's tragic.

If the morons depicted in this book defined a generation, I sure wouldn't want to have been part of that generation.

On the Road is about several worthless men running around the country, stealing cars, wrecking cars that they borrowed, having sex with whomever they please (one was married to one woman and living with another one in the same city all at the same time), and just basically "digging it." Oh, yeah. And they never understood why their women got mad at them and threw them out. I seriously almost couldn't finish this book. In fact, the only reason that I did is that I am incredibly stubborn that way.

This book glorifies the worst in humanity. Perhaps the worst part about it is that the main characters in this book really believed that they were intelligent. What is even scarier is that there are people like that who truly exist. I've met some.

I don't think I'll waste any more keystrokes on this awful book.

Yes, I will. I did come away with one quote that was worthwhile, describing the music scene in one of the many bars that the guys frequented.

"Every now and then a clear harmonic cry gave new suggestions of a tune that would someday be the only tune in the world and would raise men's souls to joy. They found it, they lost, they wrestled for it, they found it again, they laughed, they moaned..." (p. 243)


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