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Rambling to the max (2003-08-25 - 5:00 p.m.)

Egad! It's been five days since a added an entry. Egad!

This is just so cool that I have to log it. Have you heard the latest news? Lizard spit!!! Yes, lizard spit. It's the new miracle drug! It's going to cure diabetes! And weight problems. Exenatide is the name of this new drug. Oh, yes, and it's not just any lizard. It's the Gila monster! Woohoo! We're going to control blood sugar with the spit of a poisonous lizard. If you don't believe me, just check it out here.

On a sadder note, yet another car bombing has occurred. This one in Bombay, India. At least 44 people are dead, and at least 150 injured. I don't know when we are going to wise up and quit being held hostage by terrorism in this world. We are so busy trying to make sure that the potential terrorists feel all warm and fuzzy and non-threatened that we just open ourselves up to the attacks. We wasted more time after 9/11 trying to "understand" Muslims. THERE IS NO UNDERSTANDING MUSLIMS!!! They want to kill you if you aren't one. Plain and simple. They are not peaceful. They are violent, murderous terrorists.

In other news today, Rachel speaks the truth about harmony, our deaf cat. And I quote:

"Every time she walks on our little end table in the living room, she steps on the "Play Messages" button, making us all groan. And then, when she's alone, she'll meow and meow for no apparent reason.

All because she can't hear it.

Darn her."

Yes. Darn her.

Here is a quote from godzgirls diary.

"God without You itís like drops of rain arenít enough to cover all Iíve got deep within, and God sometimes life itís got these ways of making You seem away.. so strangely away it just feels like when youíre away itís all a sin. What cowardly distractions that pull and they tear hoping to find me aching and fadingÖso far, yet inside myself I reach and Youíre there and all of the sudden I donít even care"

This diary is really deep.

Golfwidow had this to say today, "Your note has been deleted. If you leave any other notes, they'll be deleted too. Because, for someone who has found the love of Jesus Christ, you seem to be terribly angry."

This in response to an apparently nasty note that was left for her. Sigh. I wish that some of the more "zealous" "Christians" would stop giving the rest of us a bad name. Of course I didn't see the offending note, but those of us who believe in Jesus have a fine line to tread. I believe that this person crossed that line. We are supposed to show love. (Yeah, I comments about Muslims while ago didn't sound very loving. But I'm speaking of Muslims as a people group, not as individuals.) If I desire to win someone over to my way of thinking about Jesus, I certainly am not going to do it by leaving offensive notes in their diary.

I think Dee kind of says it for all of us today.

"*I am really bad with managing my money

*Send me money"

I like that. I think I'll put an ad in the paper that says, "Hurry it's your last chance to send $5.00 to...." just to see how much I get.

And Dee, you should go ahead and spend your birthday money on something dumb. Or at least fun. That's what birthday money is for.

I think I've quoted enough for one day. Am I going to keep doing this? Probably's too much work. But sometimes, I just can't think of anything to write about. But there was that lizard spit thing today. I think Dave Barry would like that one.

What I'm reading: The Jazz by Melissa Scott

What I'm listening to: Nothing, actually, other than the clickety-click of keyboard keys. I forgot to turn on the music. How do you turn on the music, anyway? *wap* Sorry

Quote: Didn't I do enough of that already?

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