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Lofty Talk (2006-04-24 - 5:13 p.m.)

It's been a while since I've been here, and I'm sorry for that (apologies to the three or four people who read my journals).

I'm currently celebrating the first place positions of both of my favorite teams, the Red Sox in sole possession of first place in the AL east, and the Rangers sharing the lead with the Los Angeles Anaheim California Angels. Or whatever city they're in this week.

And as much as it pains me to say this (believe me this leaves a really bad taste in my mouth), Red Sox fans have to thank the Yankees for their first place position. The Yankees handed the Orioles several losses over the weekend, keeing the O's just below the Sox in the standings.

I have some major complaints about the management of the Rangers, but I'll not address that today. I'll save that for later. Today I want to get to something much more serious that I just read.


All atheists might want to leave the room at this time...

I have a daily devotional book that I'm reading this year called Day By Day with John Calvin. Anyone who really knows me knows that I'm a five-point Calivinist. I'll explain that another time, too. Anyway, today's reading in this book was, in my opinion, very poignant and wise. I'm going to go ahead and just quote the entire reading. Don't worry, it's a small page worth. The Bible reference is John 18:17, the scene of Peter's first denial of Jesus.

Peter is introduced into the high priest's hall; but it cost him very dear, for as soon as he sets his foot within it, he is constrained to deny Christ. When he stumbles so shamefully at the first step, the foolishness of his boasting is exposed. He had boasted that he would prove to be a valiant champion, and able to meet death with firmness; and now, at the voice of a single maid, and that voice unaccompanied by threatening, he is confounded and throws down his arms.

Such is a demonstration of the power of man. Certainly, all the strength that appears to be in men is smoke, which a breath immediately drives away. When we are out of the battle, we are too courageous; but experience shows that our lofty talk is foolish and groundless; and, even when Satan makes no attacks, we contrive for ourselves idle alarms which disturb us before the time.

The voice of a feeble woman terrified Peter. And what is the case with us? Do we not coninually tremble at the rustling of a falling leaf? A false appearance of danger, which was stil distant, made Peter tremble. And are we not every day led away from Christ by childish absurdities? In short, our courage is of such a nature that, of its own accord, it gives way where there is no enemy; and thus does God revenge the arrogance of men by reducing fierce minds to a state of weakness. A man, filled not with fortitude but with wind, promises that he will obtain an easy victory over the whole world; and yet, no sooner does he see the shadow of a thistle, than he immediately trembles. Let us therefore learn not to be brave in any other than the Lord.

TTFN, y'all

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