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I'm Rich! Ok, not really. (2004-05-13 - 5:24 p.m.)

The weirdest thing happened today.

I play the Texas Lottery occasionally. Like the big ones, you know. The Mega Millions or the main lottery.

I buy one line per drawing. $1.00. Less than the price of a coke at Sonic. So, you gambling problem, here.

This morning, on a total whim, I decided to play the Pick 3 game. And to throw caution further to the wind, I played it for $5.00 instead of just $1.00, thereby increasing the prize potential. I also played "Exact/Any" (that way I would win if the three numbers that I had came up in any order), increasing the actual cost of the line to $10.00. That's a huge expenditure for me, lottery-wise.

I won.

The three numbers came up exactly.

This pays $2500.00 for the "Exact" portion of the ticket, and $400.00 for the "Any" portion.

I got a check for $2900.00.

I might have a gambling problem NOW!

Christi said I could get that new guitar I've been wanting (Gibson ES335).

I figure I'll give a bunch of it to Christi and Rachel to spend at the Angel convention they are going to in Chicago this weekend. Oops. I mean the Buffy/Angel convention. Not much Buffy going on, though. I mean, yeah, Angel was on Buffy, and Amy the witch is going to be there. Also the guy that played Gnarl in "Same Time, Same Place" and one of those creepy "gentlemen" in "Hush." He was also in the Angel ep where Spike ate the Nazi. Also, the seemingly ubiquitous (look that one up, kiddies) Scott Schwartz. Does he go to all of the conventions??

Anyway, they can have some of the money for a good time this weekend. Maybe I'll buy the guitar, maybe not.

Right now, I'm mostly in shock.

Maybe I'm on a roll.

Maybe I'll win the big $54 million lottery Saturday night.

Maybe Angel won't really get cancelled.

Maybe Hell will freeze over.

Maybe the Eagles will get back together.


Oh. Scratch that last one.

How about Simon and Garfunkel?

Crap! Them, too?

Um...Ok...maybe Elvis is still alive.

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