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A Mishmosh of Hotheads and Kingdoms (2004-04-30 - 3:01 p.m.)

There are several things today.

First, Michael Jackson has pleaded not guilty. I will probably be one of the few who believe him. At least until it's proven otherwise. All of you who have already tried him and found him guilty just because he's a bit strange, don't come crying to me when your right to be "innocent until proven guilty" is stripped away.

Second, I found this really great new candy last night. That's right, I said candy. I'm a candy fiend. Certain kinds, of course. Mostly candies made by Ferrara Pan. Specifically, Red Hots. Red Hots is the king of candies. Except for chocolate, of course, but it falls in a different category. Chocolate is a food group. You can't see it, but it's right underneath breads and grains on the bottom of that pyramid.

Anyway, Ferrara Pan has brought forth a new candy called "Hotheads." Think of Lemonheads, only chewy, and with the flavor of Atomic Fireballs. Yawza!! They are "antsolutely delish."

I happen to be sitting here with an Atomic Fireball in my mouth right now. They come right behind Red Hots.

Third (I think), all Red Sox fans should have watched Kingdom Hospital last night. It was SOOOO about the last Whirl Serious that the Sox were in where that bonehead shortstop let a routine grounder go between his legs to lose the series to the Mets! Only the team in KH last night was the "New England Robins" and the guy was a first baseman and he dropped a pop fly. Heehee...go Stephen King, go. In case you don't know this, King is an avid, die-hard BoSox fan! Yay!

They're going all the way this year, Stephen! Really!



Stop laughing!

Speaking of Kingdom Hospital (I think this is the fourth thing), I just finished reading that book, The Journals of Eleanor Druse. The subtitle is "My Investigation of the Kingdom Hospital Incident," and the author is said to be none other than Eleanor Druse herself.


Who is pulling whose (or should that be "Whom is pulling whom's) leg here? I wanna know who really wrote this book. Did King write it? For crying out loud, Eleanor "Sally" Druse is a character in the bloody tv show! How did she write a book? You know what's even more ridiculous? The library has catalogued it as 133.129 DRUSE. For those of you familiar with ol' Dewey, that is Philophy and Psychology for the main category and Parapsychology and occultism for the subcategory.




I found a glaring edit mistake, too. On page 213 of the standard hardback version, Druse is in a conference with Dr. Massingale (if you watch the show, she is the doctor that Elmer is infatuated with). They are discussing Ms. Druse's "illness." The second paragraph begins, "Then Dr. Draper and I faced each other..." (italics mine). Then on page 230, the second paragraph begins thusly: "When I got to admitting, I was seen by a new doctor (fresh meat!), Christine Draper. (Again, italics mine). Hmm.....methinks the editors missed that one.

Well, I've gotta go pick up Stephanie. One last thing (fifth?). Rachel got her learner's permit yesterday. I'm so proud I could almost cry. This is a great day, but kind of sad, too. One more step towards that fatefull day when she will leave us. I don't want to think about that right now.


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