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Our Mrs. Reynolds (2004-01-17 - 11:07 a.m.)

We have been watching the Firefly DVDs lately (since we have run out of Buffy and Angel DVDs to watch). Last night we watched an episode called "Our Mrs. Reynolds." (I originally typed "Robinson" there and had to come back and fix it. It seems that "Mrs. Robinson" flows better off the ol' fingers. Thank you Paul Simon!) The only negative thing that I have to say about this episode is that they kind of gave away the plot with the title. We all figured out what was going to happen about thirty seconds into the show.

Let me say that this may have been some of Joss's best writing EVER!, and I'm including ALL of his Buffy shows. This episode had us laughing out loud almost the entire 40-something minutes.

It seems that, during a celebration on some un-named planet, where the crew of the Serenity saved this town from a gang of marauding bandits, that our dear Captain Reynolds, during a moment of drunkenness, went and got himself married. Only he didn't know it.

Of course, this is the plot-line that we all figured out. See, Mal and Jayne are sitting there, all drunk, and this girl comes up to Mal and puts this wreath thingy on his head, then offers him a drink in a bowl (who exactly drinks wine from bowls??). He accepts. She goes off and does a dance. Right there we are all going, "He probably just got married!" Mal, meanwhile is giggling and pointing at the thing on his head and mouthing something about a "hat."

Back on the ship. They've said goodbye to the people on the planet and taken off for somewhere else. At this point, Rachel says, "That girl has stowed away on the ship and she's going to claim to be his wife." Or something like that. Surprise! That's exactly what happened. Much wackiness ensues as the crew quips about Mal's newfound "fortune." One of my favorite lines...

Mal: I don't even know her!

Jayne: Can I know her?

That is such a Xander line!! Remember "Can I be blind too?"

Anyway, this episode is filled with the best of Joss humor and, of course, the obligatory plot twist as we discover who "Saffron" really is. Dun dun dun....

I won't reveal any more in this diary.

Why on earth did this show get cancelled??? Other than the fact that the stupid, stupid, stupid (enough?) network put it in the "Friday night death slot!" Stupid, stupid network!!

We can only hope that Joss will go head with the rumored plans of a "Firefly" movie. Please, Joss, please!! Forget about another Buffy movie, as much as we might have liked to see the Scoobies re-united. SMG has pretty much alienated herself from all of her past cast as well as her fans. Forget her. Make a Firefly movie.

Now, please!

Oh, yes...once again, who's a MORON?

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