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An Entry About Nothing (2005-01-31 - 5:40 p.m.)

I'm feeling a bit better today after battling this upper respiratory crap for almost a week, now. But I'm not alone. Almost everyone I know has come down with this stuff over the past week. Bio-terrorism, I ask? Who knows? WHO KNOWS??

Yesterday was, indeed, a sobering day at church as Rachel has already pointed out. I'll agree that the pastor got a little carried away on the idea that the church isn't hungry for God because it doesn't come out for all the programs. But he's on the right track. The basic ideas that he presented are the way that a church is supposed to work. The church is supposed to pray together, study the Bible together, spread the word together, and worship together. Solitary activities cannot substitute for corporate activities. For that reason, I'm behind him (as I should be, as the worship leader of the church). However, I will also work to keep him focused. I'm a lot older and more experienced than he is, which he fails to realize sometimes. I don't want to appear as though I'm using that as a trump card, though. We'll see how it goes.

I'm eagerly awaiting the date (March 4) when single game tickets go on sale for Texas Rangers games. Why? Because I have picked out three games when the Boston Red Sox will be in town to play the Rangers. I plan to have seats right behind the Red Sox dugout, all decked out in my newly acquired "Yankee Hater" hat and Red Sox t-shirt. I might even make a sign. Ooh. I've never done that before.

I don't really understand why the Rangers organization waits so long to sell single game tickets. The Red Sox started selling them this last weekend. Incidentally, the Sox have sold out something like 148 straight regular season games. How's that for being "faithful?"

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