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Vacation Over (2004-07-05 - 4:54 p.m.)

It was a good week.

My vacation is over. The holiday is over. But I'm rested and I think I'm actually ready to go back to work.

I'm looking forward to a week later in the year when Christi and I can have a week off together. She can take a week sometime after August.

We are actually considering a trip to Hawaii, probably next Spring. Possibly Spring Break. Unless the girls have no interest in going, in which case we might just go for our anniversary this year. But I think we also might wait until next year, because 2005 will be our 20th wedding anniversary.


It can't possibly have been that long. Ah, well. It's been a long, great trip. And I hope it's going to be even longer and greater.

I'm back to reading Death Masks, the latest Jim Butcher novel in the Harry Dresden Files. I finished the book I had to get read by July 2, so I'm reading this one again. So far, so good.

It seems that Harry Dresden is in a fix. The Shroud of Turin has been stolen. If he looks for it, according to an ancient prophecy, he will most surely perish. Problem is, the rest of the prophecy says, if he doesn't look for it, the entire city of Chicago along with the Knights of the Cross who saved his life already once in the book. I'm only up to page 96, so there's a lot of story to go.

I've been having a lot of fun listening to my Launchcast Radio. It comes as a bonus with our SBC DSL. You get to rate songs and artists and albums as they play, and that influences what the magic radio genie plays for you later. Wierd. I'm officially a "fanatic" on their rating scale. That means I've given over 1000 ratings. I'll admit quite willingly that a lot of those came from Rachel before she finally set up her own mailbox account on our DSL.

I have to get to 5000 before the next level which is "addict."

Yes! It's finally playing some Rush!!

Currently listening to "Chain Lightning" by Rush from the album "Presto."

And the band played on...

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