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Perseid Meteors (2004-08-12 - 6:46 a.m.)

Did anybody watch the meteors last night?

It's that time of year again! Time for the Perseid meteor shower. Somebody please tell me how to pronounce "Perseid."

Apparently, we are currently moving through the tail of some comet and being showered with "Ancient Cosmic Dust" which translates into lots and lots of little meteors.

Since I work at night, I decided to venture out to the parking lot at around 2am to see what I could see.

First I could only see parking lot lights. Really bright ones. After using hands to block them out for a few minutes, I got the other guy that works on my shift to go in and shut them off for a few minutes.

The lights, not my hands, silly.

So me and Jason (that's the other guy) and Cooper (that's the security guard) stood out there and looked up in the sky like three people watching someone who looks like they are going to jump off a building.

Wait, that's not funny, is it? It seems that there are two young Olympiad hopefuls who will not be able to participate this year because of some foolish "lover's leap."

Anyway, we saw maybe two or three meteors. Far from the "100 an hour" that was promised by the Internet story I read.

But then, I have to remember I live in the city, where the lights never seem to go off. Had we been "Out In the Country" (For everyone over 40, that was a shout out to Three Dog Night--that was my favorite song of theirs. Remember when Three Dog Night was considered serious Rock? I have the "Live at the Forum" album and it starts with the emcee saying "Will you welcome one of the heaviest groups in America today...THREE DOG NIGHT!!!!)

*ahem* sorry

Where was I? *sheepish grin*

Oh, yeah, had we been out in the country, we might have seen a lot more meteors.

Jason was all excited because he had never seen one before. He's only 32. Just a kid.

"They" say (whoever "they" is (are?)) that we should be able to see some meteors all the way to August 24th.

I must comment about my daughter, Rachel. To understand, click on that link and go backwards in her diary until you reach the one about the new girl in PE. At this writing, that is only one "previous."

I started to write this in her guestbook, but it was getting too complicated. I'm very proud of Rachel, and every time I think I couldn't possibly be more proud, she proves me wrong. This is one of those times.

I don't approve of homosexuality. I never will. It's wrong. I will always believe that.

However. (A HUGE however.) Gay people are just that. People. Living, breathing, caring, loving people. With feelings. With sensitivities. I don't understand why other people think it's ok to be so cruel. I have never understood cruel people. There's a bumper sticker that I've seen that says "Mean People Suck." Yes, they do.

There is just no reason for people to act the way they do. Regardless of how you feel about someone's sexual orientation, there is no need to treat them like second class citizens. We are all in this world together. And this is perhaps the only time I will ever say that I agree with something that Hillary Rodham Clinton said.

"Why can't we all just get along?"

Rachel has taken some giant strides in that direction. Just don't ever ask her how she feels about Hilary Duff.


Or Jessica Simpson.

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