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Carrying the Word With Us (2005-07-26 - 10:36 a.m.)

I'm reading this book (I should say re-reading it--I read it before in 1998) by John Piper, called A Godward Life. It's a great devotional book. Has 120 brief readings, so it can last roughly four months, if you read it every day, which I'm not always able to do.

Anyway...the reading that I read today spoke of finding a way to take what you read from the Bible with you all day. I'm really bad about not doing that. I'll have my Bible reading "devotional" time, put down the books, walk away, and be lucky to think about it any more the rest of the day. What a tragedy.

Anyway, Piper discovered one way to do that. He took a chapter (in this case it was Luke 18) and "tagged" paragraphs with a word or description. In this case, each word started with P. (Leave it to a preacher to come up with alliterative memory devices--hahaha.) I don't know if I could be as effective as he was, but I need to come up with some way to remember what I've read throughout the day. Otherwise, this Bible reading is just an excercise in futility.

I know it never hurts anything to read the Bible, but it helps more if I can remember and meditate on what I have read throughout the day.

One verse that has stuck with me for several days is from Proverbs. Proverbs 19:23 says, "The fear of the LORD leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm." I believe that we can bank on verses like this. I don't know exactly how many verses in Proverbs begin with "The fear of the LORD..." but there are a lot of them. Makes one think that this fear might be kind of important.

Mixed day for baseball yesterday. Rangers finally won a game, beating Baltimore 4-2. But the Red Sox suffered a painful loss to the Devil Rays in 10 innings, 4-3. Egad.

The Angels didn't play, so Texas gained a half-game. They are 9.5 games out in third place. Oakland continues to win.

The Red Sox continue to hold onto first place by a thread, only 1 game ahead of the hated Yankees, who also didn't play yesterday.

Today, the Yanks play the Twins, who actually have a better record then them. The Sox will try Tampa Bay once again, while the Rangers continue to battle Baltimore. Tampa Bay is 36-64. C'MON SOX!! There's no excuse for you to be losing to this team!!!

I actually submitted some photos to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens for a contest. I took quite a few on our visit there and chose five to submit. Here are two of them. I'm not sure if this red thing is a dragonfly or not. I've never seen a red one before.


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