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The Pi-Search Page (2003-11-18 - 9:24 a.m.)

Somebody has way too much time on their hands. Check out this website that I found on golfwidow's site. It's called The Pi-Search Page. You can search for any string of numbers within the decimal places of pi. I, myself, found my birthday, 03/13/58 (minus the /'s) at position 403,522 (counting from the first digit after the decimal). However, if I include the 19 (03131958), that string does not occur in the first 100 million places after the decimal. I was shattered. I had to have another diet A&W Root Beer immediately.

Who has time to think up this stuff??

Thanks to Golfwidow for sharing it with us. I think she got it from someone else. Coffee something or other (I know what it is, I just don't say that word.)

(Or type it either)

(Not passing judgment, mind you, just a personal choice.)

(I occasionally sing it, if it comes up in a song, such as "Walk Through the Fire," in OMWF, and if no one else is in the car.)

(Wonder how many other things I can put in parentheses?)

(Probably not too many more)

What am I reading now? Nothing, silly. I'm typing a diary entry.

But sometimes I read The Lake House by James Patterson

I'm listening to "House of Worship" by Twila Paris. What an awesome CD!

I'm all out of BtVS episodes. I need season 5 really badly!!! We did watch my favorite the other night though. Favorite BtVS episode? Doppelgangland. Vamp Willow!! Woohoo!!

Quotes: "Look at me! I'm all fuzzy!"

"Hands! Hands in new places!"

Cordy: "Is there something on my neck?"

Vamp Willow: "Not yet."

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