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Life Begins When the Season Starts (2006-04-01 - 7:47 a.m.)

You'll notice I took out the map.

Not because I'm not going to exercise, but because I'm not going to pay a membership fee to the fitness journal website.

Steph and I will be going to the Rangers' exhibition game against the Florida Marlins tonight (if it doesn't rain). R.A. Dickey is supposed to pitch tonight. He's the knuckler. I hope he's better than he was last year.

They won last night against the Marlins in their minor league park in Frisco. Teixeira seems to be getting out of his slump. He hit another homer last night.

And, of course, the season starts Monday. As stated previously, Steph and I will be at all three of the games with the Red Sox. I've got my new t-shirt...."I support two teams...the Red Sox and whoever beats the Yankees." I'll be wearing that for opening day.

I honestly think that the Rangers have play-off potential this year. That is, if Showalter doesn't screw up again, and Jon Daniel (whom I have dubbed the "boy-man-ager") doesn't get in the way. He's already fouled things up by pushing the trade of Chris Young to the Padres for damaged Adam Eaton. Oh, and, by the way, Eaton has re-injured the middle finger that kept him out of play for 10 weeks last season. Thanks, Jon Daniel!! Now we don't have Chris Young OR Adam Eaton.

Anyway...we approach Monday with great anticipation.

Life begins when the season starts.

Play ball!

TTFN, y'all

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