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Manny Ramirez Gets A Walk-Off HBP!! (2005-09-17 - 9:29 a.m.)

I don't usually update more than once a day, but I just found out something really funny.

Anyone who knows me or has read a few of these diary entries knows that I am a die-hard Red Sox fan. I love our Texas Rangers, but, truth be told, I was lovin' the Red Sox before there was a Texas Rangers (I believe they arrived from Washington in 1971).

Well, last night, the Red Sox won in the tenth inning against the Oakland Athletics on a walk off HBP (Hit by pitch). Now, for you boys and girls who don't know what a "walk off" is, that occurs when the person at bat does something that wins the game in the bottom of the ninth inning and the players basically "walk off" the field without finishing the inning, because the game is over. Once the winning run is scored, that's it.

In the bottom of the tenth last night, the bases were loaded and Manny Ramirez, dear old Manny, was at bat. The Oakland pitcher hit him with an inside pitch, right on the elbow, it appears. Manny gets to take his base, the run scores, and the game is over without even a swung bat.

This keeps the Sox 1.5 games up on the hated Yankees, with about 15 games left. The last three games of the season will be in Fenway against the Yankees. That could be an historic series. Fingers are crossed and teeth are gritted as we head into the home stretch for the 2005 season.

Heck, even the Rangers still have a stastical chance to get in the playoffs. Not a very practicl chance, but, statistically, they are not yet eliminated. There is a mad race in the AL west, too. Oakland and LA are battling out the first place spot, with Texas 9.5 behind. It could still happen. Stephanie and I will be at two of the last three games of the season against the Angels. September 30, in which we scored somebody's unwanted season tickets, 14 rows behind the Rangers' dugout, and then October 1, where we will be in our usual spot down by the right field foul pole.

Next year, I plan to try to get a mini-season ticket package with, say, ten games or something. You can buy your tickets earlier if you are buying season tickets.

Who would have thought that my 12 year old daughter would love baseball as much as she does? Gotta take advantage of it while I can.


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