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Step by step You'll lead me... (2003-09-19 - 6:11 p.m.)

I'm only adding a brief entry to day to commemorate one of the most tragic events in the recent history of Contemporary Christian Music. It was exactly six years ago tonight that we lost the voice and songwriting talents of Rich Mullins.

Rich had wormed his way into my heart with songs like "Awesome God," "Step by Step," "Higher Education and the Book of Love," etc. His no-nonsense style of writing captured my heart early on. He never catered to the "political correctness" of the industry. He wrote what he wanted. He wrote what he felt, and he wrote what he believed.

He recorded all of the imperfections in his playing and singing, as well. He didn't believe that everything should be perfect.

I saw Rich perform twice. Both times, he came out on stage barefoot, wearing denim shorts and a white t-shirt. Both times, he left the stage with the audience singing "Oh, God, You are my God...and I will ever praise You..." When we finished singing/worshipping, we opened our eyes to find the stage dark and empty, because, after all...our focus was supposed to be on God, not on Rich.

Heaven has been a "richer" place (what a horrible pun!) for the last six years. We miss you down here, Rich. To quote a line from a song by The Choir (the song was written to remember their dear friend Gene Eugene, who died in his sleep a few years ago)..."Give Jesus a kiss for us..."

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