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Rumors of Another World (2004-06-19 - 8:45 a.m.)

Oh, dear. Where have I been for 10 whole days? I'm not sure. But I have a new book review for you.

This one is for Philip Yancey's newest book, Rumors of Another World: What on Earth Are We Missing?

I must first admit that every time I read a new book by Yancey, I fall more in love with his writing. This man is wisdom personified. He seems to have a handle on this whole "grace" thing.

Rumors seems to be written towards the reader whose faith is "borderline." But he addressed a lot of things that hit home for me, and my faith is not exactly borderline. The first line in the introduction says, "I wrote this book for people who live in the borderlands of belief..." But later in this intro, he says, "I also meet Christians who would find it difficult to articulate why they believe as they do. Perhaps they absorbed faith as part of their upbringing, or perhaps they simply find church an uplifting place to visit on weekends. But if asked to explain their faith to a Muslim or an atheist, they would not know what to say."

Chock full of quotes from other famous authors, this book has chapter after chapter of wisdom that strikes home for anyone living and breathing. It's not overly religious (and Yancey has never been guilty of that), nor is it heavy-handed (in my opinion, but then my believe in God and the life beyond this one is pretty firm).

I checked this one out from the library, and am pretty convinced that I must buy my own copy so I can mark it up and study it further.

I think it would go hand in hand with a previous book that I wrote about, called Messy Spirituality.

Great reading.

Tomorrow...a review of The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership.

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