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Of Deserts and Trivial Pursuits (2005-12-24 - 9:50 a.m.)

Happy Christmas Eve!!

Yesterday we had a bit of fun. We watched "Sahara," our latest movie from Netflix. (If you aren't using Netflix, why not??? Let's put the evil empire of Blockbuster out of business!) Sorry. Anyway, Sahara is good fun. I expected it to be silly, sort of "campy," and it was. But when you go into a movie expecting that, you won't be disappointed, and can enjoy it so much the more. Matthew Mcsomethingorotherhay (ok, I looked it up, it's "McConaughey) does an excellent job as Dirk Pitt, Clive Cussler's hero. Penelope Cruz is awesome as the "World Health Organization" (c'mon....W.H.O.??? BAHAHAHAH!!!) doctor who wants to save Africa from the dreaded "plague" that is spreading. William H. Macy (I love that guy) shines as Admiral Sandecker, who owns all the boats that Dirk Pitt keeps destroying. And Steve Zahn is rather cute as Dirk's sidekick ("Hi. How are ya?") Anyway, it's great fun. Movie's rated PG-13 for "action violence." I don't remember a single curse word in the whole movie. There might have been one or two, but I sure don't remember them. There was nothing even close to nudity or sex. Ok, McConaughey had his shirt off a few times (not nearly enough, according to Christi), but that's about it. Once again, great, silly fun for all.

After that, Christi, Rachel and I played the new Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture 2 edition. Rachel kicked our butts. She's the pop culture QUEEN!!

The thing that kept annoying me was that, every time I landed on a "music" space, the question would be about RAP!!! Now, c'mon!! They need to decide if they are going to have a "rap" category or a "music" category. Seriously! Rap is rap and music is music and never the twain shall meet.

TTFN, folks.

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