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Darla Meets Chewbacca (2004-07-10 - 6:27 p.m.)

We're back from the SciFi Expo convention in Richardson.

Julie Benz is so cool! She just talked and talked to us like we were great buddies. She called us "The Buffy Family."

Her husband, John Kassir, was also very cool! Both very friendly and personable. They did a Q&A session at 1:00pm that was very entertaining. John Kassir is the voice of the Cryptkeeper, among other things (he was also Buster Bunny of Tiny Toons for a while), and is a very funny man. Seems he won Starsearch in 1985, beating out the likes of Sinbad and Rosie O'Donnel. Good. Rosie needs beating.

Erin Gray was also very friendly and talkative. I don't remember much of what she was on, although she starred in the TV version of Starman, and the Buck Rogers series. She was also in Silver Spoons, the old sitcom with Ricky Schroeder when he was very young. We got a picture from that series autographed.

Oh, yeah, we got two pictures each from Julie Benz and John Kassir. One of the Julie Benz pictures had two shots of Darla, one normal and one "vamp-face." The other picture was from George of the Jungle 2.

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) was interesting. He and Stephanie had wierd face competition going on. We tried to get her to go around and get a picture made with him, but she wouldn't do it. Also...the man is gargantuous! And hands? Biggest hands I have EVER seen. Let me tell you...there were no camera tricks or special effects to make Chewie look that big.

Mirina Sirtis (Counselor Troi from Star Trek TNG) was very friendly as well. We got one autograph and had a group picture made with our digital camera.

Robert Picardo (the holograph doctor from Star Trek DS9) was not so friendly. He wasn't exactly unfriendly, but wasn't overly friendly either.

John Noble (Denethor from LotR) was friendly and British. 'Ellow! he said to us. Very talkative.

Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian from Star Wars)? Not friendly at all. Signed the picture and as I asked if it was ok to take a picture, he kind of grunted and was already signing the next thing. He wouldn't even look up for the picture. Jerk.

It always annoys me when actors are unfriendly at these things. I realize that it's unreasonable to expect a celebrity to treat me like I'm their best friend when I'm a total stranger. I'm realistic. However, if you can't be friendly with the people who made you what you are, then you should stay away from fan conventions. Because that's what fan conventions are all about. The fans! If you're going to make an appearance, then, for crying out loud, at least act like you appreciate the people who are responsible for paying your enormous, ridiculous salary!


Ok. I'm alright now.

By the way, Julie Benz made a final statement at the Q&A, as we were applauding them. She motioned for us to stop and said that she had one more thing to say. She then proceeded to, rather emotionally, tell us all how grateful she was for how actively all of us Angel fans tried to save the show. All of the donations, petitions, nasty emails, etc that were sent were very appreciated by her and the rest of the cast of Angel. She said that they were all deeply touched by our attempts. Even though they pretty much fell on deaf ears of the moron WB executives. Die, WB, Die!! (Sorry Bugs and Marvin.)

I have to go get ready for tomorrow morning's worship service.

I'd really just like to crash and sleep. Later.

And the band played on.....

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