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Corvettes, The Who, and Bobo (2004-04-04 - 7:46 a.m.)

As Rachel has already mentioned, we had a nice little shopping spree at BestBuy yesterday. It's not one of our favorite stores in the world (they SUCK at customer service), but they do have decent prices, and Rachel had a $50 gift card to spend.

She bought DDR (Dance Dance Revolution).

I know...that's kind of what I was thinking, too.

She got the floor mat to go along with it. We all played with it yesterday afternoon. It's actually kind of fun. And it's almost, like, um...the "e" word. I'm not going to say it here.

Anyway, I bought some stuff, too. I've been hearing about this new Trivial Pursuit Unhinged game for the PS2. Well, we wound up buying the Xbox version (please forgive me Playstation) because it was cheaper to get three people playin. We would have had to buy a multitap unit, plus an extra controller for the PS2, and all we had to buy for the Xbox was an extra controller. It comes with four port on the front instead of just two. That's 2 things that the Xbox has over the Playstation. And only 2, I don't care what you say. The Playstation is so much better than the Xbox. There's not even a contest as far as I'm concerned. The other thing that Xbox has going for it is 50k of on board memory, so you don't have to get memory cards. But it's a freakin' Microsoft computer, dang it! And what do they do?? THEY CRASH!!! That's what they do!


Anyway, this Trivial Pursuit game is lots of fun, and we didn't even get to the "unhinged" version. I won, but only by "luck." (I really don't believe in luck, so it was truly predestined that I win, doncha know.)

I also finally got hold of this new PS2 game, "Corvette." YAY!! It may be the closest I ever get to owning one. And it was only $9.99! What's up with that? You get to race practically every Corvette made since 1953! How cool is that? This game should have cost, like, $99! I still would have bought it. 'Cause it's, you know, Corvettes!! If you don't get it, there's no hope for you...*weg*

I got two cds, also. One was a new Greatest Hits cd from The Who. I've never bought a Who cd before. But this one had some great songs on it, and the scream at the end of "We Don't Get Fooled Again" is probably the absolute best scream in all of Rock n Roll. So I had to have that. I also got the new Aerosmith cd, "Honkin' With Bobo." Blues done Aerosmith style. I've also never bought an Aerosmith cd (kind of strange, because I really do like them), but I love the blues, and have been looking forward to this great rock band playing some blues.

That was about it...I let Stephanie get a couple of Kid's Bop or something like that cds. And Christi was off at "Nordy's" getting some makeup.

Good times.

Rachel woke up with serious ear pain this morning. That's bad. She's already missed two days of school last week. Maybe we can take her to the Urgent Care center today. I really needed her at church, today, too, but stuff happens. That's life.

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