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Houston Slayercon 2005 (2005-04-04 - 7:00 p.m.)

Houston Slayercon 2005 is over (sigh), but my, my, my, what a wonderful time it was. This was a wonderful convention and the actors that we met were marvelous.

I don't have time to write a lot about it tonight, but I'll talk about a few things.

First of all, the person we probably were least interested in seeing, became the "life of the party." Jonathan Woodward (Knox on Angel, Holden on Buffy, and a guy whose name I can't remember on Firefly) was amazing!! (Put about 10 more exclamation points after that.) He was funny, funny, funny. Our first exposure to him was on Friday night at the All-Star Cocktail Party. We knew that Andy Hallett was supposed to perform, but we got a surprise when they got Jonathan up there with his little nylon stringed guitar. He flew through some folksy type tunes that he apparently wrote himself. They were really cute, and he can flat play that guitar. His finger-picking was very good.

Saturday, Christi, Stephanie, and I made it to the autograph room to get his autograph. He talked and talked and treated Stephanie very good. In fact, on a side note, every one of the stars that we met treated Stephanie like a queen. That impresses me a lot. These people don't have to act like that, but to treat children with respect and friendliness goes a long way. Stephanie is now hopelessly in love with James Marsters. I'll get to that in another entry.

Saturday night, Jonathan Woodward showed up (we got to sit at his table for the banquet) in an ORANGE KILT!!! I am not joking. It was an orange corduroy kilt with blue stitching that he made by hand. Apparently, he is getting married this July and, being Scottish, desires to get married in kilts, so he was trying his hand at making one. I truly hope he doesn't plan to get married in that one.

Amber Benson won our hearts from the moment we saw her. When we walked into the Cocktail party on Friday, her and several others (Camden Toy, James Leary, and Jenny Mollen) were all standing over by the food table talking. Rachel and I just got kind of bold and walked over and said, "Can we come over here and talk to you??" "Sure!!" Amber said. So we stood and chatted with Amber for a few minutes until an annoying group of people interrupted. I'll talk about them in a "negative" entry later. Amber was like a real person. Sooo easy to talk with and really seemed to like us. And she is funny, as well.

On Saturday night, my favorite and bestest convention moment happened. Amber Benson was supposed to "entertain" us with some singing at the banquet. She sings very well, as evidenced on Once More With Feeling. Well, somebody forgot to tell her that she was supposed to do this. So she didn't find out until she was already there that Vulkon had told all of us that she would be singing. She didn't have any music at all. They talked about using the Karaoke stuff, then they realized that there was no tv screen for words. Well, one fan had the lyric book and cd to OMWF, and ran up to her room to get it. In the meantime, Amber stumbled (quite amusingly) through a rendition of "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da," wherein she changed key at least twice. Finally, the lady with the book came back and Amber commenced singing "Under Your Spell" with herself on the cd. To our utter delight, she began lipsyncing at one point. Then, she began doing the dancing steps from the musical on the stage. When it came time to dance with Willow, Amber grabbed the tall chair sitting next to her and began swinging it around and dancing with it. The place fell apart. Never have I seen anything so funny. At the end of the song, she fell on her back on the stage with the chair on top of her, in a rather suggestive way. The ballroom literally erupted in applause as we all gave her a standing ovation, first for entertaining us so well, as well as being so brave. Afterwards, she refused to let go of the chair and took it off stage with her.

Those were only two of the best moments of our weekend that hardly had a hitch in it. There will be more to come.

Oh, yes. I haven't been able to solidly confirm this yet, but I have read in several places a rumor that there seems to have been some "illicit" activity between our Jonathan Woodward and Nathan Fillion during their time together in Firefly.

There are some reports that they were in Romania together (or possibly Egypt, the details are sketchy) and may have checked into a hotel together under assumed names (Camden Toy and James Leary, I believe). Now, this is in no way connected to the convention we were at this weekend, I swear it.

We could not get Jonathan to comment on this rumor during the convention. However, during the Q&A sessions, he did mention something about getting "hosed" during Firefly. Presumably, that refers to the cancellation of the series, but who knows...

There will be more details later, I'm sure.

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