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Dead Until Dark (2004-07-27 - 10:46 a.m.)

Before I review this book I just finished, I would like to ask one question.

What kind of freakin' spell does The Polyphonic Spree have over people to make them like their music?????????

Even Paste magazine is featuring them on Sampler number 11 in their magazine, which is subtitled, "Signs of Life in Music and Culture." Our local alternative radio station was playing them not too long ago. ALTERNATIVE??

This is new age robe-wearing CRAP!!! With a capital C-R-A-P!!

It has to be magic. There's no other answer.

Either that or they made a pact with the devil.

Yeah. That must be it. They went down to the crossroads....

Now on to the real entry.

I just finished Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris, this morning whilst playing on the treadmill at 24-Hr Fitness.

First off, let me say that I think I'm getting into too many vampire/wizard serieses. es. Seriei?

I'm getting them all confused. Anita Blake's world and Harry Dresden's world, and now Sookie Stackhouse's world, not to mention Buffy's world are all getting rather mixy together.

This book begins a series about Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress at a local bar in Bon Temp, Louisiana. She falls in love with, guess what?

*dingdingdingding* You guessed it!

A *gasp* Vampire!

He's a very sweet vampire, though. His name is Bill.

I'll wait while you stop laughing.

I'm not making it up. That's really his name. The vampire Bill. Kind of like "The Dread Pirate Wesley," eh?

I make fun, but this book was actually extremely entertaining. There are some really good and unexpected plot twists, and I did not figure out "whodunnit," though I thought I had. I thought wrongly.

There's a tad too much sex, but that's forgiveable, I guess. There's also a hilarious appearance by a certain man from Memphis who has been made a vampire and prefers to be called "Bubba" rather than his real name.

*Hint* He's wearing a t-shirt that says "I Visited Graceland." I couldn't believe it. His name is actually never used. But we all know who it is.


"A handsome vampire with thick black hair combed into an improbable wavy style strolled up out of the woods as Arlene was bundling the kids into the truck, and Rene and Bill were chatting. Bill waved a casual hand at the vampire, and he raised one in return, joining Bill and Rene as if he'd been expected.

"From the front porch swing, I watched Bill introduce the two, and the vampire and Rene shook hands. Rene was gaping at the newcomer, and I could tell he felt he'd recognized him. Bill looked meaningfully at Rene and shook his head, and Rene's mouth closed on whatever comment he'd been going to make.

"The newcomer was husky, taller than Bill, and he wore old jeans and an 'I Visited Graceland' T-shirt. His heavy boots were worn at the heel. He carried a squirt bottle of synthetic blood in one hand and took a swig from time to time. Mr. Social Skills.

"Maybe I'd been cued by Rene's reaction, but the more I looked at the vampire, the more familiar he seemed. I tried mentally warming up the skin tone, adding a few lines, making him stand straighter and investing his face with some liveliness.

"Oh my God.

"It was the man from Memphis."


"'Sookie,' Bill said warmingly, 'this is Bubba.'

"'Bubba,' I repeated, not quite trusting my ears.

"'Yep, Bubba,' the vampire said cheerfully, goodwill radiating from his fearsome smile. 'That's me. Pleased to meetcha.'

"I shook hands with him making myself smile back. Good God Almighty. I never thought I'd be shaking hands with him. But he'd sure changed for the worse."

It's a vampire story and a murder mystery complete with misdirection and everything.

I can't wait to read the next one, Living Dead in Dallas.

Oh, I almost forgot...this is very important, too! Sookie Stackhouse can read people's minds. A very important plot ingredient. It's her "disability."

If you like Anita Blake, Harry Dresden, or even Buffy, you will devour Dead Until Dark. Buy it today.

Don't buy The Polyphonic Spree.


Make them go away...


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