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Jesus Clears the Temple (2006-01-22 - 7:55 a.m.)

I'm really bothered when people make stuff up about the Bible. For example, today, I'm reading in my devotional book, His Passion: Christ's Journey To the Resurrection. It has daily readings by many different authors.

Today's reading is by John Pollock. I don't think I've ever heard of him, but I probably won't be reading any of his stuff. Here's why.

This section of readings is about the time during the passion week when Jesus cleared the temple of the money changers. Pollock says this: "As the Twelve helped Jesus, John was impressed beyond all else by the expression on his face: not of moral force only but of love. John could feel the love which drove Jesus: love for God and his Temple, love for the cheated, love for the merchants and herdsmen who had been trapped into sacrilege by greed and custom, even love for the Temple authorities who had betrayed their trust."


Where does he get all of this? Where in the Scripture does it say that the "Twelve" helped Jesus clear the temple?? Where does it say that John was impressed by anything at all?? It really makes me want to scream when people write stuff like this, or even preach it from the pulpits on Sunday morning. And most of the ignorant people who sit and listen or read this just go right along with it and believe it because "so-and-so" said it or wrote it.


On a slightly lighter note, did Shakespeare know what he was doing when he wrote "iambic pentameter??"


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