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R.I.P. Roger Daltrey, Please! (2006-11-18 - 9:17 a.m.)

I'm giving this thing another try...if I can't keep updated more than this, I'm probably just going to drop it. Funny thing is, it's not that difficult to just log in and write something. Oh, well.

This one is going to be a review of last night's concert at the American Airlines Center, featuring The Who.

We had a pleasant ride over to the Center on the TRE Express. For probably about the same price that it would have cost us to park our car, we were able to drive about five miles, park our car for free, and ride in relative comfort to the parking lot of the AA Center. The ride took about 45 minutes, as we made other stops along the way. It was great.

The show opened promptly at 7:30 with The Pretenders. Chrissie Hynde looked and sounded good (well, from where we sat, which was waaaaaay up there). They played for approximately 45 minutes, but failed to include hits, "Middle of the Road," or "Brass in Pocket." They did play "Ohio" and "Back on the Chain Gang," but I can't remember any other songs that I knew. But then, I only ever heard the radio songs that The Pretenders had.

Unfortunately, Chrissie had to get her plug in for P.E.T.A. (a terrorist organization) and vegetarians. Whatever. Yeah, I'm a P.E.T.A. member....People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

So The Who comes out. They opened with "Can't Explain." Good opener. The multimedia presentation was somewhat overwhelming. I think it was designed to take our eyes off of the balding Pete Townshend, who performed remarkably, for a 60-something year old man. He actually jumped a few times and did his famous windmill arm motion many times.

They also played "Substitute," another one of their really old songs. During these songs, we were treated to many photo shots of very young Who members and various other icons of the early 60's.

Things went downhill quickly.

Seriously, folks. Roger Daltrey really needs to retire. He just can't hit the notes any more. He literally butchered "Teenage Wasteland." And this was after they pretty much bored us with 20 minutes of their new "mini opera." There were a couple of good songs in there, but they aren't songs that anyone knew.

Before that, though, they performed "Behind Blue Eyes." I didn't notice it as much, but Rachel says that it was horrible and made her sad. Perhaps I didn't notice because I (along with every other conscious person in the crowd) was singing along.

But my ears were nearly bleeding after "Teenage Wasteland." There were quite a few notes that Roger just didn't make it to. And nothing hurts worse to a trained musical ear than someone trying to reach notes that they just can't make. I was embarrassed for him, actually.

After that, they played my least favorite Who song ever, "Emminence Front."

Then there were yet two more songs from the new cd, one about the pope, called "Man in a Purple Dress." Heehee....I like that one. I think it's funny.

I was really trying to hold out for "the scream" from "Don't Get Fooled Again," but we just couldn't take it any more. We left about an hour into the show. Caught the train back to Fort Worth and went home by way of Jack in the Box. I had some nice sirloin MEAT (take that, Chrissie!!) on a ciabatta bun.

Musically, The Who still rocks. They play well. Pete's voice is still ok, but a little strained. Roger sounds like an old black man. So maybe he just needs to start singing the blues. At an acceptable octave.

Pete's brother Simon Townshend assisted on guitar, and, wonder of all wonders, Richard Starkey's son was playing drums for The Who.


Richard Starkey. Oh, I'm sorry....most people know him as Ringo Starr.

I'm glad that I got to see them, because I had never seen The Who. But I'm also glad that I didn't pay $200 plus for my tickets like some of those people did.

I heard that the last encore song on this tour is "See Me, Feel Me." After what Roger did to "Teenage Wasteland," I'm really glad that I wasn't there to hear that!

Tomorrow, I'll give an update on what's happening with Stephanie lately. There's good news, I think.

TTFN, y'all

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