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Third Day Concert (2004-01-30 - 10:54 a.m.)

This is getting old. I was adding this entry earlier, and I lost my connection right as I clicked "done!" So, once again, all is lost.

Sigh. I must learn to start saving while I do this.

I just got back from picking up Rachel from school. She got out at 10:30 this morning because her school is hosting an academic decathlon meet. Lucky girl! Boy is she happy, too!

I ordered tickets this morning for the Third Day concert coming to Dallas on May 7. Finally, a concert I want to go to is on Friday night! Yay. We got left center section 16 rows from the stage. Should be good. Tobymac is opening. Don't know much about him. But I love Third Day. They are one of my top 5 favorite bands. The top 3 will always and forever be (in this order) Daniel Amos (this includes any version of DA, Swirling Eddies, and any of Terry Scott Taylor's solo projects), The Choir, and the 77's. The Lost Dogs would be included in that two, since they are made of of Terry, Derri and Mike from the aforementioned three bands.

Anyway, Third Day is right behind them. Gutsy, southern style rock-n-roll, and they love to worship. They have two worship albums released, now. We sing one of their songs frequently at church, called "Your Love, O Lord."

In other news, it seems that America's Moron has dumped his campaign manager after losing the first two caucus/primary votes. I guess he's not smart enough to figure out that the campain manager is NOT the problem!!

And what's this about Robin Givens running over an 86 year old woman?? Sheesh!! Somehow, it's probably Mike Tyson's fault. You know, he probably, like, pushed her.

Gotta go get some sleep now.

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